John&Jacq~s Garden

Our tropical garden updates from July to September 2016

We praise and thank God for His wondrous creation and designs!
For blessing John and I with our daily dose of joy and wonder,
Marvelling our flowering and foliage plants with delightful praise
Strengthening us in our gardening passion during our golden years,
And assisting us to share our beautiful tropical garden paradise here.
What marvellous blessings from God Almighty!

Sharing photos taken while strolling leisurely or digging the dirt in our garden. Truly hope that you’ll be delighted viewing them online. Also, enjoy the beauty of nature that abounds with flowering and foliage plants and wildlife.

Our garden visitors…

Wow! Seeing a life Kingfisher for the first time in our lives is super wonderful! Don’t you think so?

More captures of our plants for your viewing pleasure…

Do come, see and be mesmerise! ;-)