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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Tropical Hibiscus) in marvelous colours

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Tropical Hibiscus, Chinese Hibiscus, China Rose, Shoe Flower)

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, the single form with the 5-petaled blood-red blooms, is Malaysia’s national flower. It is locally known as ‘Bunga Raya’ in the Malay language. Hence, it is no surprise that this spectacular ornamental shrub is popularly and abundantly grown in our country, especially along roads and highways, lending beauty to the landscape.

Widely seen is the original variety that is decorated with large and attractive red flowers which we have previously grown too.

The last couple of decades though, one gets to enjoy the tremendous range of marvelous colors and variation in bloom formation, especially in garden centres, nurseries and parks, even home gardens. Now, there are thousands of new cultivars (hybrids) and varieties with gigantic blooms in magnificent multi-colored tones with wonderful textures! Simply astounding! I’m so delighted and exhilarated that in researching to write this post, I have been rewarded with the sight of such awesome beauties, mostly never seen before, displayed in many hibiscus internet sites. :)

Very recently, I discovered a fascinating phenomenon on one of the Tropical Hibiscus bushes scattered around our church compound. This beautiful shrub, decorated with bright and vivid red flowers has certainly been around for ages but I have eyes that sometimes do not see?

Upon close scrutiny, I noticed that it produces two kinds of bloom, one a single with 5 red and ruffled base petals (as in the topmost photo) and the other, a crested single with the same number of base petals but with whitish edges and having a cluster of extra petals (petaloids) extending from the top of the staminal column. Truly remarkable!
Coincidentally, the right picture shows both kinds. Click it to view and enjoy large! :D

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More photos of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, grown in our garden and elsewhere:

‘Madeline Champion’
– reflexed, ruffled single; apricot with crimson eye and pink veins

‘Madeline Champion’
– reflexed, ruffled single; apricot with crimson eye and pink veins

‘El Capitolio Sport’ or ‘Salmon El Capitolio’
– 4″ miniature, fringed, crested single; apricot with red center and pink veins; sport of ‘El Capitolio’

‘Sylvia Goodman’
– 4″ miniature, fringed single; cream or peach-yellow with red eye and white aura

probably ‘Eurilla Sunshine’
– 6″ overlapped, ruffled single; rich yellow/gold with carmine eye

– 6″ single; yellow-orange with dark crimson center

– 6-7″ overlapped, ruffled single; orange with carmine center

– single; light pinkish white with magenta pink centre and pale pink veins

‘Morning Glory’
– 6″ overlapped, ruffled single; rose pink with reddish pink eye and white edges

‘Dainty White’
– 3-3.5″ miniature, single; white with orange stamens and creamy yellow stigma

– 5-6″ crested semi-double, white with pink and creamy veins, yellow stamens

‘Bob’s Delight’
– 4.5-5″, ruffled double; pink

‘Christopher Howie’
– very large 7-9″ single; fully overlapped, heavily ruffled and tufted, cardinal red or rose red

‘Christopher Howie’
– very large 7-9″ single; fully overlapped, heavily ruffled and tufted, cardinal red or rose red

– 5-6″ ruffled single; magenta pink with deep red center

– 5-6″ ruffled single; medium pink with a white tinge and deep red eye

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Cooperi’
– 5-6″ single; deep carmine pink with white petal edge and deep red eye

– 4″ miniature, reflexed, ruffled single; blood red

‘El Capitolio’ or ‘Variegata’
– 4″ miniature, crested single; blood red with white petal edge

Unidentified (probably ‘Rose Sensation’)
– 4″ miniature, ruffled double; blood red

Last edit: June 1, 2016