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Tillandsia ionantha: an exotic airplant with captivating flowers

Tillandsia ionantha (Tilly, Air Plant, Blushing Bride)

We have been captivated by these fabulous Airplants when we first saw them hung at nursery gardens along Jalan Sungai Buloh several years ago. However, these nurseries, being too far away, about 40 km away from our home, somehow deterred us from acquiring any.

Fast forward to last year, sometime in June, we chanced upon a bunch of Tillandsia at a nursery in the vicinity of our neighbourhood. It rekindled our love and desire to possess it.

Even though it costs RM35, quite pricey for that smaller than fist-sized cluster, we joyfully brought it home to add to our garden collection.

Moreover, the nursery helper informed us that it needed no garden space or soil at all. That’s great info as our small garden has space constraint!

Aptly known as Air Plant, it’ll be happy and does just fine if provided something to hang or sit on.

Amazingly, with our tender-loving-care, our exotic plant started to show signs of blooming six months later as seen in the images on the left.

We did not expect flowering so soon. What a happy and delightful surprise!

Googling for its ID, we found that the genus, Tillandsia has about 730 species. Whatever, we are glad to know that our plant’s species name is T. ionantha. We’ll settle for this name and not muddle our brain over names of the many cultivars and varieties that this species has.

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Last edit: June 16, 2016