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Tibouchina mutabilis, an enchanting bush with a riot of colours!

Tibouchina mutabilis

Besides the remarkable, vibrant purple blooms of Tibouchina urvilleana, this other species of Tibouchina captivates us plenty too!
We were delightfully happy with this addition of Tibouchina mutabilis to our garden collection, in late August 2013.

This gorgeous dwarf hybrid cost us only RM25, relatively cheap as the lovely bush had numerous buds waiting to explode. We’re wondering whether our compact hybrid could be Tibouchina mutabilis ‘Imagine’?

In fact, we were pleasantly surprised when the buds burst forth with varying colours! Simply remarkable and enchanting to see all the gorgeous combination of colours on the bush at the same time.

It is somewhat similar to the Brunfelsia pauciflora bush, nicknamed as Yesterday-today-tomorrow.

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Last edit: June 14, 2016