Vallaris glabra is selected as the state flower of Malacca in Malaysia

Vallaris glabra (Bread Flower, Kerak Nasi and Bunga Kesidang in Malay) Valliris glabra or Bread Flower is selected as the state flower of historical city of Malacca in Malaysia It produces very ornamental, highly scented, large, and bisexual flowers that are white and cup-shaped.

Psychotria elata is commonly known as Hot Lips Plant for the shape of its bright red bracts that resemble two luscious lips

Psychotria elata (Hooker’s Lips, Hot Lips Plants, Hot Lips, Mick Jagger’s Lips) The plant has become internet-famous because of its flowers or rather the shape of the red bracts (modified leaves) before the flowers mature. From these bracts tiny white, stare-shaped flowers emerge. It is commonly known as Hooker’s Lips or the Hot Lips Plant […]

Uses of Adenanthera pavonina include food and drink, traditional medicine and timber

Adenanthera pavonina (Red Lucky Seed, Acacia Coral, Curly Bean, Red Bead/Coral Bean Tree, Red Sandalwood, Peacock Flower Fence) Seeds of Adenanthera pavonina have long been a symbol of love in China and its name in Chinese is ‘xiang si dou’, translated as mutual love bean. Its uses include food and drink, traditional medicine and timber. […]

Nelumbo nucifera provides edible fruits, leaves, flowers, stems, rhizomes and seeds

Nelumbo nucifera (Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Sacred Water Lily, Egyptian Bean, Lotus, Teratai in Malay) Indian Lotus or Egyptian Bean provides edible fruits, young leaves, flowers, stems, rhizomes and seeds. It is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Nelumbo nucifera is the national flower of India and Vietnam.

Platostoma palustre is often canned and sold in Asian markets

Platostoma palustre (Grass Jelly, Black Jelly, Chinese Mesona, Chin Chow, Black Cincau, Leung Fan in Chinese) Chinese Mesona or Black Cincau is a very popular and sweet drink in China and neighbouring Asian countries which yields the Black Jelly. The plants are boiled in water containing potassium carbonate. The juice is cooked and then cooled […]