Caryota mitis with leaves that are shaped like the fish’s tail

Caryota mitis (Clustered Fishtail Palm, Tufted Fishtail Palm, Burmese Fishtail Palm) The Clustered Fishtail Palm is a very unique-looking palm with bipinnate leaves that are shaped like the fish’s tail. A charming Burmese Fishtail Palm that will be excellent as a specimen tree to landscape one’s garden, patio, deck and even as a potted houseplant […]

Cycas revoluta is the most widely cultivated of the cycads

Cycas revoluta (Japanese Sago Palm, King Sago, Sago Cycad/Palm) This majestic Japanese Sago Palm or King Sago is the most widely cultivated of the cycads. This tropical plant is not a palm but truly a very attractive and ornamental cycad. Besides, it is one of several species used for the production of sago.

Lilium spp. with blooms in varying explosive colours

Lilium spp. (Lily) Many species of Lilium produces large and showy flowers and are highly scented. The blossoms come in numerous and varying explosive colours. The Lilies make excellent cut flowers. Great to include this beauty as it will add fragrance to your garden.

Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’ with captivating lavender flowers

Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’ (Pigeon Berry, Golden Dewdrop, Skyflower) Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’ or Skyflower is hardier and not as weedy as the other species. Since it is easily propagated via stem cuttings, it’ll be wonderful to present gifts to neighbours and friends. This beautiful plant has been identified as an environmental weed in Australia, […]

Nerium oleander with numerous magnificent floral colours

Nerium oleander (Rosebay, Nerium, Oleander) Nerium oleander produces blossoms of numerous magnificent colours. Nonetheless, it is one of the most poisonous garden plants. Double-headed… beautiful and beastly!! Oleander is the official flower of the city of Hiroshima as it was the first to bloom after the atomic bombing in 1945.