Garcinia mangostana produces fruits that’s often referred to as ‘Queen of Tropical Fruit’

Garcinia mangostana (Mangosteen, Purple Mangosteen, Manggis in Malay) Mangosteen is a tropical fruit about the size of a tangerine and often referred to as the ‘Queen of Tropical Fruit’. Its fruit is highly valued for its luscious, juicy, delicate texture and slightly sweet and sour flavour.

Saccharum officinarum as a cash crop for the production of sugar, ethanol and etcetera

Saccharum officinarum (Sugarcane, Sugar Cane, Tebu in Malay) Sugarcane or Sugar Cane is the ninth most valuable crop and livestock product by value. It is popularly grown as a cash crop for the production of sugar, ethanol and other industrial uses. Besides, Sugarcane has also been used medicinally.

Vitis vinifera with grapes eaten fresh, processed to make vine and dried to produce raisins

Vitis vinifera (Common Grape Vine, Wine Grape, Purpleleaf Grape, Anggur in Malay) Common Grape Vine is economically important as a source of grapes, both for direct consumption of its sweet fruits and for fermentation to produce wine. Also, it can be dried to produce raisins that are popularly used in cakes, eaten as is or […]

Tropaeolum majus produces flowers in kaleidoscopic colours

Tropaeolum majus (Nasturtium, Garden Nasturtium, Indian Cress, Monks Cress) Garden Nasturtium or Indian Cress produces long-lasting  and kaleidoscopic flowers as well as attractive foliage that are water lily-like. However, the downside is it self-seeds readily and may pop up in places where they are not wanted. No wonder, this beautiful plant is considered invasive in […]

Manihot esculenta is one of the most important tropical food crops in the world

Manihot esculenta (Tapioca, Cassava, Brazilian Arrowroot, Yuca, Ubi Kayu in Malay) Tapioca or Cassava is the third largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics, after rice and maize. It is one of the most important staple food crops in the developing world and provides a basic diet for over half a billion people.