Oncosperma tigillarium is a unique palm whose trunk is armed with long and black spines

Oncosperma tigillarium (Nibung Palm, Nibong Palm, Nibung, Nibong) Nibung Palm or Nibong is a gorgeous-looking, tall and densely clumping palm whose trunk is armed with long, slender and black spines that are 5-10 cm long. An extremely unique and very attractive palm that is grown in lowland swampy forest and among mangroves.

Roystonea regia with its large stature makes it a notable feature of the landscape

Roystonea regia (Cuban Royal Palm, Florida Royal Palm, Royal Palm) Cuban Royal Palm or Florida Royal Palm is a majestic and striking palm. It is considered one of the most captivating palm in the world. Its large stature makes it a notable feature of the landscape. Roystonea regia is the national tree of Cuba.

Dypsis leptocheilos is an impressive palm with reddish-brown tomentum

Dypsis leptocheilos (Redneck Palm, Teddy Bear Palm, Red Fuzzy Palm) Redneck Palm or Teddy Bear Palm is one of the most unique ornamental ¬†palms of Madagascar. It has a very distinctive reddish-brown tomentum on the crownshaft that resembles a teddybear’s fuzz and a white waxy trunk. Definitely, an impressive and majestic palm that is excellent […]

Saribus rotundifolius is a captivating palm for landscaping

Saribus rotundifolius (Round-leaf Fountain Palm, Fan/Footstool Palm, Table Palm, Java Fan Palm, Anahaw Palm) The unique foliage of the Round-leaf Fountain Palm is very attractive. A common landscaping palm species in Malaysia that flowers and fruits all year long in the tropics. It is also known as Anahaw Palm which is the national leaf of […]

Latania loddigesii is a majestic palm with stiff and blue fan leaves

Latania loddigesii (Blue Latan Palm, Latan Palm, Blue Latania Palm) Blue Latin Palm or Latania Palm is truly a majestic palm with stiff and captivating blue fan foliage. A handsome palm that is considered as one of the best ornamental fan palms. Latania loddigesi is listed as a threatened palm in the IUCN Red List.