Araucaria bidwillii produces edible seeds that are favoured by Australian Aborigines

Araucaria bidwillii (Bunga Pine, Bunya-Bunya Tree, False Monkey Puzzle Tree, Queensland Pine) Bunga Pine or False Monkey Puzzle Tree is a tall and majestic evergreen tree that is conical when young and becomes more domed as it matures. The seeds are edible and considered a delicacy by Australian Aborigines. The flavour of the edible kernel is similar […]

Uses of Adenanthera pavonina include food and drink, traditional medicine and timber

Adenanthera pavonina (Red Lucky Seed, Acacia Coral, Curly Bean, Red Bead/Coral Bean Tree, Red Sandalwood, Peacock Flower Fence) Seeds of Adenanthera pavonina have long been a symbol of love in China and its name in Chinese is ‘xiang si dou’, translated as mutual love bean. Its uses include food and drink, traditional medicine and timber. […]

Dendrophthoe pentandra produces red berries that persist on the plant for a very long time

Dendrophthoe pentandra (Malayan Mistletoe, Mango Mistletoe, Mistletoe Plant) Malayan Mistletoe or Mango Mistletoe is a parasitic, woody and  dioecious shrub. This plant has been used for traditional medicine. Grow this beauty to enjoy its brilliantly coloured red berries that persist on the plant for a very long time.

Marrubium vulgare is an exotic and bitter herb symbolic of good health

Marrubium vulgare (White Horehound, Common Horehound) White Horehound or Common Horehound is an exotic plant and is a bitter herb symbolic of good health and has always been used to combat illness. It is regarded as an invasive weed in many parts of Australia, namely in Victoria, south Australia and Tasmania because it takes over […]

Metroxylon sagu is an important plant grown for its edible starch

Metroxylon sagu (Bataua Palm, Seje Palm, Pataua Palm, Ungurahui) It has been said that where Metroxylon sagu grows, nobody ever goes hungry. It is an important plant economically grown throughout tropical Asia as a source of edible starch accumulated in its stem in large amounts. An impressive palm with new leaves in brilliant red and […]