Pereskia sacharosa is a herbal plant with medicinal properties

Pereskia sacharosa (Needle Seven Blade, Seven Star Needle, Rose Cactus, Tree Cancer, Jarum Tujuh Bilah in Malay) It is without any doubt that Seven Star Needle or Rose Cactus is one of the most interesting, unusual and exotic genera of cacti. A free-flowering perennial plant that produces highly ornamental flowers throughout the year in Malaysia, […]

Carica papaya is a healthy fruit that’s packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants

Carica papaya (Papaya, Papaw, Pawpaw, Melon Tree, Betik in Malay) Papaya, a revered tropical fruit was reputably called the ‘fruit of the angels’ by Christopher Columbus as it tasted superbly good. Papaya is an incredibly delicious, healthy and versatile tropical fruit that is loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Zucchini with edible flowers, fruits and eaten as a veggie

Zucchini (Courgette, Italian Marrow, Summer Squash) Zucchini or Summer Squash is an ornamental plant with edible flowers and fruits. It is popularly grown by home gardeners as it is very versatile. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as a veggie, eaten raw in salads, grilled, stuffed, battered and deep fried, or […]

Dahlia imperialis with dramatic and colourful blooms

Dahlia imperialis (Tree Dahlia, Bell Tree Dahlia, Imperial/Giant Dahlia) This magnificent and dramatic Bell Tree Dahlia is truly a traffic stopper! Absolutely wonderful to add this gorgeous Imperial Dahlia to your garden as it exhibits its captivating and colourful blooms. Dahlia is the official flower for the City of San Francisco in California and the […]

Citrus mitis with edible fruits and medicinal uses

Citrus mitis (Calamansi, Golden Lime, Panama Orange, Calamondin Orange, Chinese Orange, Musk/Acid Orange) Calamondin Orange or Golden Lime is the most versatile citrus. It is highly prized for its ornamental value and its edible fruits. Wonderful to be grown in one’s garden to harvest its bunches of fruits that are available all year long.