Selaginella plana with gorgeous green, scaly and tripinnate fronds

Selaginella plana (Asian Spikemoss, Cyperus Clubmoss, Paka Merak in Malay) Asian Spikemoss or Cyperus Clubmoss is an exotic and ornamental shrubby fern. It is not a true fern although it produces spores but considered one of the fern allies in the genus Selaginella. A beautiful tropical plant that is listed as invasive by CABI.

Captivating variegated leaves of Christia obcordata

Christia obcordata (Swallowtail Plant, Butterfly Leaf, Butterfly Wing/Plant, Butterfly Leaf ‘Stripe’) The Swallowtail Plant is grown for its captivating variegated leaves. We were extremely delighted that we sighted several pots of the Swallowtail Plant or Butterfly Wing at Cactus Point, Cameron Highlands during our vacation in October last year. Of course, we grabbed a pot […]

Schlumbergera truncata in various spectacular colours

Schlumbergera truncata (Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving/Holiday Cactus, Zygocactus, Crab Cactus) Christmas Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus are so named as they usually blossoms in winter when most other plants aren’t flowering. Wonderful to be added to one’s garden. It’ll surely  delight you with its prolific flowering of spectacular colours. It is sold primarily around the holiday season […]

Columnea scandens L. variegata with goldfish-like flowers

Columnea scandens L. variegata (Goldfish Plant, Flying Goldfish Plant, Columnea) This Goldfish Plant is an elegant trailing plant with beautiful variegated foliage. It is covered with captivating goldfish-like flowers. Simply exotic and offering colours all year long. Wonderful if added to one’s garden with its attractive cascading branches of goodies!

Nepenthes x hookeriana, a colourful and natural lowland hybrid

Nepenthes x hookeriana (Hooker’s Pitcher-Plant, Tropical Pitcher Plant, Monkey Cup) An exotic tropical plant that will beautify and add interest to your garden. Best to grow them in hanging baskets or pots to show off the colourful beauty and attractiveness of the pitchers or monkey cups. Hooker’s Pitcher-Plant that is a colourful and natural lowland hybrid.