Gazania rigens in various shades of vibrant colours

Gazania rigens (Treasure Flower, Terracotta Gazania, Coastal Gazania, Butter Flower) Treasure Flower is an extremely beautiful plant. It produces showy and captivating blossoms. Definitely a sight to behold when in full bloom with their vibrant flower colours. These beauties not only are appealing to the human eye but attract butterflies and bees too.

Coreopsis with fabulous and sunny daisy-like flowers

Coreopsis (Calliopsis, Tickseed, Pot of Gold, Yellow Cosmos) The ever-blooming Coreopsis produces fabulous daisy-like flowers with bright and sunny faces. A prolific flowering plant that will be excellent in a sunny flower bed. Florida in the United States has designated all Coreopsis species as the state’s wildflower.

Uraria crinita with intriguing blooms in beautiful colours

Uraria crinita (Cat’s Tail Plant, Asian Foxtail) This beautiful Asian Foxtail with its intriguing flowers will be a sight to behold. A fuss-free plant that will surely be a garden mouthpiece. Grow them to enjoy their exotic beauty and attractiveness.

Otacanthus caeruleus’s unique flowers with distinct white eyes

Otacanthus caeruleus (Brazilian Snapdragon, Amazon Blue) This Brazilian Snapdragon blooms all year round and repeatedly. A fuss-free subshrub with uniquely shaped violet-blue to purple flowers with a distinct white eye at the base. Flowers are long-lasting and popularly used as cut flowers.

Petunia in colourful varieties and hybrids

Petunia, followed by the cultivar or hybrid name (Petunia) Petunias are one of the most popular flowers that you can find in home gardens as they are repeat bloomers. They come in an explosion of colours. They are best grown in containers or hanging baskets. Hundreds of named petunia varieties to choose from. Some are […]