Alocasia cuprea has dramatic foliage that’s a mix of copper and deep green

Alocasia cuprea (Giant Caladium, Elephant’s Ear, Jewel Alocasia) Giant Caladium or Elephant’s Ear is popularly grown for its dramatic, distinctive and enduring foliage. Foliage is shaped like an arrowhead and is a mix of copper and deep green with a silvery sheen veined pattern to them. It is one of the ‘Jewel Alocasias’ that is highly sought […]

Cibotium barometz is a fern with rhizomes densely covered by golden-brown hairs

Cibotium barometz (Golden Chicken Fern, Scythian Lamb, Woolly Fern, Golden Moss, Bulu Pusi in Malay) Golden Chicken Fern or Woolly Fern is unique and exotic as its rhizomes are thick, fleshy and densely covered by golden-brown hairs. These ferns are found growing wild in wet and shady ravines, on hillsides and in mountainous regions.

Aloe vera is grown for its gel that heals burns, sunburn and cuts to promote healing

Aloe vera (Chinese/Indian Aloe, True Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Burn/Medicinal Aloe, First Aid Plant) Chinese Aloe or Barbados Aloe grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. Because of its common use in treating burns and wounds, it is also called Burn Aloe, First Aid Plant and Medicinal […]

Begonia rajah with foliage in dark green and deep mahogany that’s raised between the veins

Begonia rajah (Resam Batu in Malay) Begonia rajah is an Asian and rhizomatous species with distinctive foliage in dark green and deep mahogany. The leaf area between the veins is raised, giving a large bubbly effect. A free-flowering plant with captivating flowers in white and tinged with pale pink, or coloured pink.

Pandanus tectorius is salt-tolerant and able to stabilize sandy soil along beach front properties

Pandanus tectorius (Tahitian Screwpine, Thatch/Textile Screwpine, Tourist Pineapple, Hala, Screw Pine, Mengkuang Laut/Duri in Malay) Tahitian Screwpine or Tourist Pineapple is a captivating and excellent plant for poor, salty or sandy soils in hot and windy areas. Being salt-tolerant, this versatile beauty helps to stabilize sandy soil along coastal and beach front properties where salt […]