Fragaria x ananassa with sweet, aromatic and brilliant red fruits is simply irresistible

Fragaria x ananassa (Strawberry, Garden Strawberry, Cultivated Strawberry) Garden Strawberry with its characteristic fragrant aroma, delightful sweet flavour, juicy texture and brilliant red colour make it simply irresistible to many people. Strawberry is popularly cultivated worldwide for its delicious fruits that can be eaten fresh or used in pies, ice-creams, milkshakes and cakes, to name […]

Mucuna bennettii is a tropical climber with clusters of bright orange-red flowers

Mucuna bennettii (New Guinea Creeper, Scarlet Jade Vine, Red Jade Vine) New Guinea Creeper of Red Jade Vine is an exotic and magnificent tropical climber with amazing clusters of bright orange-red flowers. The colour of its chandelier-like clusters of blossoms is absolutely stunning and unique. Grow this beauty if you can provide space and a […]

Parkia speciosa is grown as a food crop and for its medicinal properties

Parkia speciosa (Bitter Bean, Twisted Cluster Bean, Stink Bean, Petai in Malay) Bitter Bean or Stink Bean is found naturally growing wild in undisturbed lowland rainforest and often cultivated in Malay kampongs. In Malaysia, the Orang Asli will harvest the Stink Beans and sell them for a handsome profit. Prices for the Stink Bean fluctuates depending […]

Pandanus tectorius is salt-tolerant and able to stabilize sandy soil along beach front properties

Pandanus tectorius (Tahitian Screwpine, Thatch/Textile Screwpine, Tourist Pineapple, Hala, Screw Pine, Mengkuang Laut/Duri in Malay) Tahitian Screwpine or Tourist Pineapple is a captivating and excellent plant for poor, salty or sandy soils in hot and windy areas. Being salt-tolerant, this versatile beauty helps to stabilize sandy soil along coastal and beach front properties where salt […]

Cucurbita moschata is grown for its edible young flowers, leaves, shoot tips and seeds

Cucurbita moschata (Pumpkin, Butternut Pumpkin, Butternut/Winter Squash, Cheese Pumpkin) Butternut Pumpkin or Winter Squash is a herbaceous, creeping and vine-like annual that trails along the ground or climbs by tendrils. It is popularly grown for its edible young flowers, leaves, shoot tips and seeds.