Oenocarpus bataua is highly recommended as an oil and fruit crop

Oenocarpus bataua (Bataua Palm, Seje Palm, Pataua Palm, Ungurahui) Seje Palm or Pataua Palm is a very attractive, evergreen and fast-growing palm. A multipurpose tree, it is highly recommended for cultivation as an oil and fruit crop. Its thin and oily mesocarp has chocolate-like taste and is very popular. Usually found in the tropical rainforests […]

Zea mays has become a staple food in many parts of the world

Zea mays (Maize, Corn, Sweet Corn, Indian Corn, Jagung in Malay) Maize or Corn has become a staple food in many parts of the world, with total production surpassing that of wheat or rice. It is a valuable cereal, food and fodder crop. The United States of America is the largest producer of corn in […]

Piper nigrum is considered the King of Spices as it’s the most used spices in the world

Piper nigrum (Black Pepper, Common Pepper, Pepper Vine/Plant, White/Madagascar Pepper, Lada Hitam in Malay) Madagascar Pepper is considered the King of Spices as it’s the most widely used spices in the world. This hotly pungent spice is used as flavouring for savoury foods, meat dishes, sauces and snack foods. Besides, it is popularly used as a […]

Morus nigra produces nutrient-enriched mulberries

Morus nigra (Black Mulberry, Indian/Persian Mulberry) A doctor friend told us about the health and nutritional benefits of the mulberry fruits. And coincidentally, our very dear friend, Stella Cheong surprised us with a wonderful Chinese New Year gift of a young rooted cutting of Mulberry, laden with fruits on February 21st, 2014. Such an awesome present that delighted […]