Ipomoea quamoclit with blooms in gorgeous shades of red, pink, rose and white

Ipomoea quamoclit (Cypress Vine, Cardinal Creeper/Vine, Star Glory, Hummingbird Vine) Cypress Vine or Hummingbird Vine is a magnificent climber with captivating  star-shape flowers that comes in shades of scarlet red, pink, rose and white. Grow this Cardinal Creeper in your garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds that are attracted to the brightly coloured blossoms.

Cucurbita moschata is grown for its edible young flowers, leaves, shoot tips and seeds

Cucurbita moschata (Pumpkin, Butternut Pumpkin, Butternut/Winter Squash, Cheese Pumpkin) Butternut Pumpkin or Winter Squash is a herbaceous, creeping and vine-like annual that trails along the ground or climbs by tendrils. It is popularly grown for its edible young flowers, leaves, shoot tips and seeds.

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus has exceptional nitrogen-fixing properties for soil improvement and restoration

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (Four-angled Bean, Winged Bean/Pea, Princess/Asparagus Pea, Manila/Goa Bean, Kacang Botol in Malay) Four-angled Bean or Winged Bean is a tropical legume plant. Popularly grown as it is nutrient-rich and almost all parts of the plant are edible. It has exceptional nitrogen-fixing properties that is used as a green manure for soil improvement and […]

Solanum melongena has numerous culinary and medicinal uses

Solanum melongena (Brinjal, Eggplant, Aubergine, Terong in Malay) Grow Brinjal or Eggplant in your home garden to ensure pesticide-free edible fruits or veggie for your family all year long. Brinjal, often called the ‘King of Vegetables’ originated in India. It is given that name as it holds a permanent place in most of the foods […]

Momordica charantia is grown as a veggie and widely used for its medicinal properties

Momordica charantia (Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon, Bitter Squash/Cucumber, Balsam Pear, Peria in Malay) Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon is a climber with distinctive and delicate leaves that produces exotic and bitter fruits that are often cooked as a vegetable. Since Bitter Gourd contains numerous medicinal properties, it is considered as a versatile plant that’s worthy […]