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Spathoglottis plicata with showy long-lasting blooms

Spathoglottis plicata (Ground Orchid)

We had planted these charming Ground Orchids in pots before where they bloom all year round.

Happened to come across some potted plants at a garden nursery in our neighbourhood about five months ago.

However, we were somewhat disappointed as none of them had any flowering spikes to enable us to make a choice!

Reminiscing about their colourful beauty that we enjoyed during our early years of marriage several decades ago, we decided to get a pot.

It costs us RM18. Quite pricey as we were clueless of its flowers’ colour. Anyway, we decided to let nature takes its course.

However, no regrets… none whatsoever as it recently surprised us with a flowering stalk of gorgeous pinkish-purple or magenta coloured blooms!

Simply marvellous and one more flowering spike has emerged to cheer us.

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Last edit: June 14, 2016