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Ravenala madagascariensis, a majestic landscape tree

Ravenala madagascariensis (Traveller’s Palm, Traveller’s Tree)

This is definitely a majestic tropical tree for landscaping!

Ever so often, we come across these remarkable Traveller’s Palms that are either solitary grown or in a single row and even en masse. And, somehow we’re always awestruck by their strikingly impressive structures.

Though not a true palm tree, it is called a palm.

Its common name, Traveller’s Palm/Tree, is derived from the fact that fatigued  travellers would quench their thirst on the rainwater that has been collected in the cupped base of the stems. Another probable explanation for the common name is that the fan leaves tend to face east to west direction, providing a crude compass for a disoriented traveller to find his/her way.

It is popularly grown for its unique, unusual and captivating form.

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Last edit: June 16, 2016