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How to propagate Anthuriums by division

The pink dwarf anthurium in a 5.5-inch (13.97cm) wide pot which was added to our tropical garden in September 2011 had outgrown its space and definitely need some attention from us.

Hence I took the opportunity to do the needful, that is, dividing the whole clump into two sections and pot them separately as a means to propagate them. Also, a chance for me to share a how-to article about the propagation which is easily done.

How to propagate an Anthurium plant by division:

1. Carefully remove the plant from its pot when the soil had become congested with roots. Then use a knife or something similar to divide the clump and gently shake away the excess soil from its roots. I’ve divided it into two sections as illustrated in the image above.

2. Prepare 2 pots, with new garden soil to replant each division. For this project, I’ve used two larger pot sizes, the larger is 10-inch (25.4-cm) while the other is 8.5-inch (21.6-cm). Keep in mind that the growing point should be above the soil. Water thoroughly through and add more soil if necessary. Then locate it at a semi-shaded warm site.

That’s all to it… easy as I’ve stated, right?? :-)

There’s another article on how to propagate Anthurium by stem cuttings here, if you’re interested.

Last edit: June 10, 2016