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Platycerium coronarium with impressive fronds

Platycerium coronarium (StaghornFern, Stag’s Horn Fern, Crown Staghorn, Disc Stag’s Horn Fern, Elkhorn Fern).

The majestic Platycerium coronarium is captivating with its lengthy, long and pendulous leaves.

They are epiphytes, growing naturally on branches and trunks of trees in the tropical and subtropical jungles.
There are popularly cultivated worldwide for their fascinating antler-like fronds.

These spectacular ferns with uniquely shaped fronds will make an interesting and dazzling attraction in any garden.

We have been on the lookout to buy a pot of this Playcerium coronarium but unsuccessful until now.

Platycerium bifurcatum that is native to Australia and New Guinea are sold in garden nurseries instead.

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