Bauhinia kockiana with spectacular blooms all year round!

Bauhinia kockiana (Kock’s Bauhinia, Red Trailing Bauhinia) –

Spectacular blooms of Bauhinia kockianaWhen Bauhinia kockiana blooms, which it does year round in our tropical climate, it’s absolutely a sight to behold! Just look at these amazing flower clusters on lovely cascading branches – pure delight indeed!

These photos were captured in November 1, 2007 as I stood captivated outside the garden wall of a bungalow in a neighbouring residential area.

How wonderful if our Bauhinia kockiana can display such magnificence!

Nyctemera coleta, a member of the Tiger Moth family

Nyctemera coleta –

Nyctemera coleta, a day-flyer of the Marbled White Moths groupJust have to document here the appearance of this gorgeous moth on one lovely afternoon in our tropical garden last December 12th. It looked so pretty, resting on the dark green foliage, in wonderful contrast!

I’m so delighted that I had browsed through my photo archives of garden visitors today, otherwise I’d missed out this attractively patterned moth.

Though small, probably about an inch, it is beautifully adorned with white and brown symmetrical designs, and fabulously bordered in brown on both fore wings and hind wings.

Changeable Lizards (Calotes versicolor) seen loitering here

Calotes versicolor (Changeable Lizards, Garden Fence Lizards) –

These attractive-looking Calotes versicolor are really attracted to our little garden paradise! They’re frequently seen loitering around, probably because our garden is packed with all kinds of tropical plants, from the low-growing annuals or perennials to the shrubby plants, scrambling vines and tall palms. There are ample vegetation around for them to rest, hide, sunbath or just waiting to stalk their prey. I always get excited whenever I chance upon them among the plants or at the chain link fence bordering our front yard, and will rush inside our home for the Canon PowerShot A60 camera.

Fabulous shamrock-like foliage of Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis triangularis (Purple Shamrock, Purple Leaf Shamrock)
Macro shot of pretty blossoms of Oxalis triangularis (Purple Shamrock) What a stunner Oxalis triangularis is! We’re absolutely captivated by their uniquely colored leaves of deep maroon-purple and unusual trifoliolate foliage! Small clusters of light pink to lavender flowers borne above the lovely foliage display a wonderful contrast too. It is truly impressive!

We’ve reintroduced a hanging pot of this plant to our tropical garden collection early last November and today the clumps have multiplied beautifully. The more, the merrier as eventually we would want to have more plants for free! ;)

My first Adsense earnings!

My first Adsense earnings in Malaysian currencyYippee!! Yesterday was payday from Google Inc…THANK YOU!!! Just claimed my FIRST Adsense earnings of slightly more than USD100, which converts to Ringgit Malaysia 328.84. It was easy to claim – went to a branch of CIMB Bank nearby to receive payment via Western Union, the fastest way to receive money worldwide.

Haha! But not fast and easy to earn this amount, took me about 16 months of blogging to reach the first USD100! Nonetheless, I’m most delighted and overjoyed, though hope that my next USD100 is sooner! ;)