Cephrenes trichopepla (Yellow Palm Dart)

Cephrenes trichopepla (Yellow Palm-dart)

Cephrenes trichopepla (Yellow Palm Dart) in our tropical garden Another picture of Cephrenes trichopepla (Yellow Palm Dart) in our tropical garden

Ixora species, gorgeously colorful!

IXORA (Jungle Flame/Geranium, Flame of the Woods, Needle Flower)

Yellow Ixora (maybe Ixora chinensis 'Singapore Yellow') in our garden A beautiful and attractive tropical flowering shrub that blooms all year round in our country, Malaysia.

A hardy plant that comes in varying shapes, sizes and vibrant colors. It has been and continues to be an all time favorite with home gardeners and landscapers in the tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide.

Our latest toy, the iMac really rocks!

Yippee! We have joined the bandwagon of Mac users! Made an unexpected switch from PC Windows platform to Macintosh, less than 2 months ago and loving every moment with it. :D

The beautiful iMac 20-inch aluminium is absolutely impressive, inside and out! Terribly glad that we followed our elder son, David to Machines, Malaysia’s largest Apple reseller at Mid Valley, Megamall when he had wanted to buy a Mac notebook. An awesome MacBook Pro he did buy that day!

Shout to The Lord!

Genting Highlands in MalaysiaJust want to shout out to The Lord!
And sing aloud this hymn of praise, worship and thanksgiving!
Life is so wonderfully joyous and peaceful! :D

Infinite and constant is His love, mercy and blessings to all His children!
…that include YOU and ME!
Psalm 145…

Memorable June 2008 event in our garden

Everything seem so marvelously perfect in our tropical garden setting in June. Foliage plants were at their luxuriant best, flowering plants/shrubs were happily blooming non-stop, mealy bugs/white flies were least seen, and even the weather was extra kind, neither too hot nor too wet.

To give you an idea, we’ve added our garden image here, displaying a section of our front yard, just outside our home and adjacent to our car porch. Such wonderful beauties that put smiles on our faces unceasingly. Just give them a little TLC and be rewarded with a multitude of colorful goodies!
Tropical gardening is so much easier and simpler when compared with temperates that have four seasons. However, we think temperate gardening gives much more fun though more work too, besides being wonderfully challenging! :D

June 2008 in our garden