Liza’s Spectacular Garden in Brussels, Belgium

Definitely a must garden visit! This magnificent place belongs to this very passionate gardener, Ms Liza whom I’ve the greatest pleasure to chat with as she guides me and the rest of our gardening community into her well-maintained pristine garden. Breath-takingly beautiful and fully alive with bountiful blooms of every colour and form! Be prepared to spend hours, even days as she draws you in with her superbly captured images that will stun and captivate you!


Jack’s Magical Garden (Sequoia Farm) in South Africa

Put on my globetrotting sneakers today and travelled to the wonderland of my flamboyant friend, Jack Holloway at Sequoia Farm, Haenertsburg in South Africa. Wow, was I entralled with his spectacular garden scenes in late spring and awesome pictures presented! Recalling too that I’ve visited this same magical ‘ancient’ garden a few months ago and would like to return once again (maybe repeatedly ;))and be guided by this very same friend, a great narrator!


Virtual Garden Visits

I love fantasizing that I’ve visited all these lovely gardens around the world. ;) In this modern era, it’s wonderfully possible to make all these dreams come true by globetrotting to one’s heart’s content via the internet.

Savour the sweetness of Annona squamosa (Sugar Apple)

Annona squamosa (Sugar Apple, Sweetsop)

Sugar Apple or Sweetsop (Annona squamosa var. Thai-lessard) Sugar/Custard Apple (Annona squamosa var. Thai-lessard) at our backyard

Vanda Orchids – grow and care

Vanda Orchids

Our Purple Vanda Orchids in a hanging pot at our frontyard, Sept 12 2008Vandas are gorgeous orchids with a wide range of shades and design, some with beautiful spotted petals.

Simply captivating!

This is the very species of orchids that were held in my palms when I said “I do” in the church so many moons ago!

Purple Vanda Orchid in our garden, April 5 2006A glorious bouquet of orange spotted vandas with the sweetest memories still as fresh as ever.

This inspired us to venture on a wonderful journey of growing orchids ever since!

Lovely! :) :D