Lerema accius (Clouded Skipper) on Crossandra

Lerema accius (Clouded Skipper)

Lerema accius (Clouded Skipper) on Crossandra leaf, a female specimen in Malaysia This attractive dark-brown skipper butterfly seems to love visiting our urban home-garden. It is seen so frequently flitting from bloom to bloom that I was never in a haste to capture its image knowing that I will never run out of photo opportunity.

However, one morning early last month, it decided to perch close-by to where I was gardening, looking so sweet in contrasty colors with the light yellow Crossandra flowers (as seen in pictures below) that made me go for my camera immediately. See how sweetly she posed! She gave me 10 marvelous images before saying good-bye! How lovely! :D

Strikingly colorful Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides)

Solenostemon scutellarioides (Coleus, Flame/Painted Nettle, Painted Leaves)

Coleus 'Careless Love' with flowering spikes, added to our garden in July 2008Dazzling! Dramatic! Decorative!
These are but a few of the many adjectives used to describe the amazingly colorful display of its variegated leaves.

S. scutellarioides, a species of the genus Solenostemon and formerly known as Coleus, are well-known for their ornamental foliage that come in a wide range of impressive coloration and patterns. Absolutely marvelous plants to have, providing constant beauty and color to one’s garden and landscape.

Attractive foliage of Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

Aglaonema spp. (Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen)

Without doubt, foliage plants are as treasured as flowering plants in our tropical garden. More so if they have variegated leaves and air-purifying properties!

Aglaonema costatum 'F. Foxii', in our gardenOne such treasure is Aglaonema costatum ‘F. Foxii’, as pictured on the right with attractive evergreen foliage. It produces glossy dark green leaves that are wonderfully dotted or freckled in white, and display a central white midrib in beautiful contrast. Aptly and commonly known as Spotted Evergreen, this beauty that joined our garden in early 2005 does not look a day older, even though it has produced so many babies ever since. Just fat and jolly, to our joy and delight! Such hardiness and longevity! :)

July 2008 in our garden

Yippee! We purchased some new plants for our garden in July! :)

John and I are always excited when we go visiting garden nurseries. Even if we finally end up buying a couple of plants or none at all does not matter. Just being able to check in and admire all the beautiful and awesome plants and flowers therein in astounding forms, shapes and colors is delightfully satisfying, to say the least!

Lantana camara with kaleidoscopic colors

Lantana camara (Largeleaf Lantana, Shrub Verbena, Red/Yellow//Wild Sage)

Simply adore these plants that are such prolific bloomers all year round in our tropical sun and high humidity. Flowers come in such a diverse range of marvelous colors and shades that are so exciting and captivating, making their slightly unpleasant scent seem so distant and tolerable.