August 2009 Project: how-to prune/propagate a passiflora vine

Hmm…not only this garden blog of ours had been neglected, even our garden had been too!

My garden chores like planting, replanting or repotting, and pruning have been sidetracked by my fixation on unexpected problems that surfaced at my Blogger blog and whilst guiding a friend to create her own blog via email. Too much time spend on the computer, nonetheless worthwhile and rewarding as with gardening too! :D

Garden Tours in Malaysia


Listed below are links to our country’s very own treasured gardens, a must-visit virtual tour or otherwise, a planned visit.

Sparkling foliage of Dracaena surculosa

Dracaena surculosa (Gold Dust Dracaena, Spotted Dracaena)

Dracaena surculosa 'Florida Beauty' (Spotted or Gold Dust Dracaena) at our courtyard, August 6 2009Stunning variegated foliage that sparkles among a crowd of greeneries.

Dracaena surculosa is a much-loved ornamental foliage plant in our garden that really thrives on neglect, once established.

Currently, we have the ‘Florida Beauty’ that is super slow-growing, just perfect as a potted plant as seen in the right image. Though a 7-year old plant, it is only about 90 cm tall and 76 cm wide. Simply fabulous for our small-sized garden where plants are mostly container-grown. We’ve yet to experience its flowering even once, though!

The bulbous Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily)

Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily, Northern Christmas Lily)

Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily, Northern Christmas Lily) in our garden, April 21 2009Mysterious no more! Our hosta look-alike plant has finally been correctly identified as a Cardwell Lily, no less beautiful than the Hostas!

Incidentally, just came across online that its common names in Chinese are Crystal Lily and False Hosta. Hmm…no wonder, our plant got us fooled! ;)

July 2009 Garden News

A potted purple Passion Fruit seedling at our backyard, just planted July 23 2009Wow! We got to grow a Passiflora vine finally!

The right image shows our first seedling, recently repotted (on July 23th) into a large pot and located against the chain-link fencing at our backyard. It’s growing very well and is now about 38 cm tall, growing too vigorously, I’d say!

Pearly surprised us after the Sunset Mass Celebration in our church, on July 4th with this healthy seedling. “It’s a Purple Passion Flower plant, which will bear very sweet passion fruits and great for making juices”, she exclaimed!
Yum…just anticipating that works up my salivary glands!