Our garden joy in November 2010

How wonderful, the White Mussaenda or Tropical Dogwood is back to its glorious days again! Several large and striking clusters of white ‘flowers’ (bracts actually) to brighten our front yard. Definitely our garden star for November 2010!

At the inner garden border, filled with tropical plants, providing much joy in November 2010Mussaenda philippica 'Aurorae' (White Mussaenda) blooming its head off in November 2010


Aglaonema cv. ‘Valentine’, an attractive pink Thai hybrid

Aglaonema cv. ‘Valentine’ (Thai Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen)

Young potted Aglaonema 'Valentine' (Thai Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen) with a flower, shot Oct 28 2009About 13 months ago, we received a 4-inch tiny pot of the most beautiful pink Thai Aglaonema we’ve ever seen! This wonderful gift came sweetened with a box of mouth-watering cheese cake too from Cheah of No-Frills Recipes in Ipoh in appreciation of blogging help/tips rendered by me. Not that I wasn’t extremely delighted and thankful for her thoughtful gesture but felt a little awkward as sharing my knowledge is something that I love doing and expect no reward whatsoever! Well, I too stand guilty oftentimes of showing my gratitude in kind…hehe, we’re just being our natural selves as loving creatures, right?

Thunbergia laurifolia: beautiful, beneficial and beastly!

Thunbergia laurifolia (Blue Trumpet Vine, Blue Sky Vine, Laurel Clock Vine)

Thunbergia laurifolia (Blue Trumpet Vine, Blue Sky Vine, Laurel Clock Vine), at Botanical Garden Putrajaya in MalaysiaAn impressive flowering vine with long dangling flowering stalks that are beautifully decorated with numerous lavender-blue to lilac-coloured blooms.

We sighted this beauty for the first time at Botanical Garden Putrajaya (Taman Botani), about 2½ years ago and were mesmerized by its spectacular display. Trained over an extremely large pergola, the Blue Trumpet Vine was seen to cover the whole structure with its dense foliage, providing shade for the pathway and much attraction with its showy flowers to lighten the darkness in lovely contrast.

Passiflora edulis, queen for a day in October 2010!

Passiflora edulis (Purple Passionfruit, Purple granadilla)
– our garden queen for just a day!

Passiflora edulis (Purple passionfruit/granadilla), first-time bloomer in our gardenWoo hoo! How marvelous…our Passiflora vine had finally flowered for the first time in mid October 2010 after a 15-month wait! John and I are absolutely thrilled!

As a potted seedling at our backyard, back in July 2009, it had matured steadily though a little too straggly due to lack of proper grooming by us! Nevertheless, though the vine is not as beautiful as we’d hoped for, it had produce a classic passiflora floral beauty, a solitary flower with eye-catching colour, design and structure.

Potanthus confucius, a tiny and attractive skipper

Potanthus confucius (Chinese Dart, Confucian Dart, Tropic Dart)

Collage of Potanthus confucius (Chinese Dart, Confucian Dart, Tropic Dart), seen at our flower bedI’m absolutely delighted to have snapped some lovely photos of this teeny-weeny beauty basking in the sun at our flower bed a few months ago!

So tiny yet attractively colourful, capturing my attention as it flew swiftly and darted restlessly from flower to flower seeking nectar. Or was it trying to quench its thirst on the large droplets of water that settled on the leaves and flowers during the heavy shower earlier on?