Celosia argentea with bright colourful cultivars and varieties

Celosia argentea (Plumed Cockscomb, Silver Cock’s Comb, Woolflowers)

Captivating Plumbed Cockscomb with flowers that resemble like those on the rooster’s comb!

Magenta flowerhead of Celosia argentea (Plumed Cockscomb, Silver Cock's Comb), seen in Cameron Highlands, 20 Sept. 2016These bright colourful plants are one of the many favourite offered for sale during the Chinese New Year festivities.

We too join in the bandwagon happily since they are rather cheap and come in a variety of colours!

During our recent vacation to Cameron Highlands, we came across some plants with magenta flower heads.

Simply exquisite!

Maranta arundinacea ‘Variegata’ with mesmerising variegated foliage

Maranta arundinacea ‘Variegata’ (Arrowroot, Obedience Plant ‘Variegata’)

A jewel of a plant with mesmerising variegated leaves!

Mesmerising foliage of Maranta arundinacea 'Variegata'(Arrowroot, Obedience Plant 'Variegata'), 22 Sept. 2016We first sighted this gorgeous plant with captivating variegated foliage at our Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Kuala Lumpur many moons ago.

And recently on our trip down from Cameron Highlands, we went to a town in Pusing for lunch. I was flabbergasted when I saw Maranta arundinacea ‘Variegata’ again. Truly beautiful with bicoloured leaves and each leaf is unique and designed differently. I stood transfixed and captured a few shots.

That’s the beauty of God’s wondrous and awesome creation and designs!

Hoya that blossoms in numerous captivating bicolours!

Hoya (Wax Plant, Waxvine, Waxflower, Porcelain Flower)

An enduring vine or creeper, Hoya is floriferous.

Hoya carnosa 'Red' at Cameron Highlands. 29 Feb. 2016Our first sight of these gorgeously flowering vine was in November 2011 at our neighbourhood, in a plastic hanging pot.

Next sight was at the Lavender Garden when we holidayed in Cameron Highlands early this year, in February 2016.

It was grown on a trellis with the captivating bicoloured blossoms hanging downwards to show off and entertain us. After much googling, we’ve happily nailed its ID as Hoya carnosa cv. Red!

Our tropical garden updates from July to September 2016

We praise and thank God for His wondrous creation and designs!
For blessing John and I with our daily dose of joy and wonder,
Marvelling our flowering and foliage plants with delightful praise
Strengthening us in our gardening passion during our golden years,
And assisting us to share our beautiful tropical garden paradise here.
What marvellous blessings from God Almighty!

Sharing photos taken while strolling leisurely or digging the dirt in our garden. Truly hope that you’ll be delighted viewing them online. Also, enjoy the beauty of nature that abounds with flowering and foliage plants and wildlife.

Our tropical garden at the frontyard - 2 Sept. 2016

Cleome hassleriana with captivating and mesmerising flowers

Cleome hassleriana (Spider Flower, Spiderplant, Pink Queen, Grandfather’s Whiskers)

Cleome hassleriana (Spider Flower, Spiderplant, Pink Queen, Grandfather's Wiskers), Aug. 5 2011 in Cameron Highlands Mesmerising white blooms of Cleome hassleriana (Spider Flower, Spiderplant, Pink Queen, Grandfather's Wiskers), 27 July 2008

They were seen growing wildly with white and pink inflorescences at Cameron Highland in Malaysia when we holidayed there in the year 2008 .

Our first sight of them and we saw them again in August, 2011 with only pink flowers.

We have never planted Cleome hassleriana before, but praise and thank the Almighty God that we get to see them whenever we browse through our photo albums.