Solanum macranthum with gorgeous tri-coloured blossoms

Solanum macranthum (Potato Tree, Giant Star Potato Tree)

Solanum macranthum or S. crinitum/wrightii (Giant Potato Tree) at St Paul's Church, Kuala Kubu Baru, June 2009Truly an exotic and impressive tropical specimen! This Giant Potato Tree is a large bushy shrub that can grow into a medium-height tree, and be beautifully adorned with stunning flowers all year round!

A rare treat indeed to see purple blossoms on a tree! And more amazing is that its gorgeous blossoms come in three wonderful shades, changing successively from deep purple to lavender to white.

Delightful surprises in our tropical garden, August 2010

Gardening is food for our body, heart, mind and soul!

We just love surprises! Garden plants simply love throwing surprises and we simply enjoy receiving them! Such cheerful givers they are!

Oxalis triangularis :
Our potted plant was dead! We were pretty sure of that and thus just discarded the pot with its soil still intact at our backyard. But months later, maybe a little over two months, it suddenly sprang to life early last month! How wonderful and it wasn’t even cared for during the whole dormant period! Probably watered by the occasional rain and received sufficient heat/light from the filtered sun.

Oxalis triangularis spp. Triangularis (Purple/Lucky Shamrock, Dark Leaf Shamrock, Purpleleaf False Shamrock) sprang back to life!
Name: Oxalis triangularis (Purple/Lucky Shamrock, Dark Leaf Shamrock, Purpleleaf False Shamrock).
A member of the Oxalidaceae family and native of Brazil, it is an ornamental herbaceous perennial (or annual in non-hardy region) grown popularly for its beautiful heart-shaped trifoliate leaves. Yay, we’ll get to enjoy them again!
Check here for more plant info.


Dieffenbachia bowmannii Carriere: a floriferous beauty!

Dieffenbachia bowmannii Carriere (Dumb Cane, Spotted Dumbcane, Leopard Lily )

Dieffenbachia bowmannii Carriere (Dumb Cane, Spotted Dumbcane, Leopard Lily ), July 2007 in our garden!Dieffenbachia bowmannii Carriere (Dumb Cane, Spotted Dumbcane, Leopard Lily ) with 5 flowers, in our gardenDieffenbachias are very much loved as houseplants for homes and offices, simply because of their irresistible foliar beauty and their great tolerance for shade. Their splendid foliage variegation is so extensive that gardeners are now spoilt for choice!

One cultivar worthy of mention is Dieffenbachia bowmannii Cariere that offers something else too. Truly an outstanding bloomer that will flower ever so frequently to cheer you! How about seeking out this floriferous beauty, yes?

Fittonia albivenis (F. verschaffeltii) in a marvelous mosaic display

Fittonia albivenis (Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant, Painted Net Leaf)

The green Fittonia albivenis (F. verschaffeltii var. argyroneura 'Nana' with the unidentified pink-veined varietyNo wonder this showy Fittonia species is aptly nicknamed Mosaic Plant! Its intricately-designed leaves with contrasting coloured veins will provide a marvelous mosaic display that will attract and captivate all season through!

These beautiful ornamental foliage plants make great houseplants, especially if displayed on bathroom shelves or bookshelves in shallow containers with their branches cascading down! Also wonderful when grown outdoors as plant fillers for garden beds or as groundcovers in tropical and warmer regions!

Mid-year 2010 in our tropical garden, Malaysia

The last few months from mid-May were spent giving our garden a facelift, trimming off excess fat so to speak. Hmm…still can’t get used to its slim look but what must be done has to be done!

A section of our front yard in July 2010
After facelift: a major section of our frontyard garden in July 2010