Morus nigra produces nutrient-enriched mulberries

Morus nigra (Black Mulberry, Indian/Persian Mulberry)

A young rooted cutting of Mulberry (Morus specie), already with fruits, Feb 21 2014 Fruiting Morus nigra shrub (Black Mulberry, Blackberry, Indian/Persian Mulberry, Silkworm Mulberry, Hei Sang in Chinese), Aug 19 2015A doctor friend told us about the health and nutritional benefits of the mulberry fruits.

And coincidentally, our very dear friend, Stella Cheong surprised us with a wonderful Chinese New Year gift of a young rooted cutting of Mulberry, laden with fruits on February 21st, 2014.

Such an awesome present that delighted us so as it had been one of our long-awaited desirous plants.

Morus nigra with edible mulberries (Black Mulberry, Blackberry, Indian/Persian Mulberry, Silkworm Mulberry, Hei Sang in Chinese), Aug 26 2015Our Mulberry bush is flourishing so well at the outer bed of our front yard and providing us regularly with such lovely fruits to whet our appetite.
A pity though that our garden is too small to provide space for a Mulberry tree.

Hence, the plant has to be pruned frequently to restrict its height and maintain it as a 2-meter-tall shrub. And, the more often it is given a haircut, the more it rewards us with bountiful fruits. Great huh!


Ctenanthe pilosa ‘Golden Mosaic’ with bold variegated foliage

Ctenanthe pilosa cv. Golden Mosaic (Golden Variegated Ctenanthe)

Ctenanthe pilosa 'Golden Mosaic' (Golden Variegated Ctenanthe) was added to our garden on Feb 21, 2014We simply love plants with variegated foliage and this marvellous Golden Variegated Ctenanthe is certainly one of them.

There were numerous plants for sale at the nearby nursery, but we spotted only one plant of this beauty in a poly bag in late February, 2014. It appeared to be so unhappy and eagerly waiting to be embraced by us.

Mostly variegated foliage plants including Ctenanthe pilosa 'Golden Mosaic' at our courtyard, June 19 2014We happily grabbed it without hesitation and willingly paid RM6 which we considered relatively cheap for this jewel of a plant.

Moreover, we’re positive that it would definitely be happy at our courtyard where mostly variegated plants that love semi-shade reside in.


Dracaena marginata: the green variety is as impressive indoors or outdoors

Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree, Red-edged Dracaena)

Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree) at a garden nursery, Sept 4 2011We’ve been eyeing this impressive treelet since 2010.

Just unfortunate that the nursery in our neighbourhood didn’t have young plants for sale then.

The matured ones with several heads would have dug a big hole in our pocket as the prices were between RM200-250, way beyond our budget.

Our patience paid well and in late November 2011,we were able to purchase our dream and long awaited Dracaena marginata for RM28, apretty good deal for a healthy young plant.

A group of foliage plants including Dracaena marginata at our porch, Nov 30 2011Initially, the Dracaena marginata was located at the porch, just outside the sliding glass doors and it flourished luxuriantly. Truly a gardener’s delight!

Though a slow-growing plant, we were greeted by a small plantlet that sprouted at the side of the main stem, slightly more than a year later. What a wonderful surprise!

Thus, to do it justice, we decided to  relocate this robust beauty to a conducive and favourable site where it can stand majestically and be admired by one and all.


Excoecaria cochinchinensis ‘Firestorm’ cascading spectacularly!

Excoecaria cochinchinensis cv. Firestorm (Chinese Croton Firestorm, Variegated Blindness Tree, Jungle Fire Plant)

Excoecaria cochinchinensis cv. Firestorm (Chinese Croton Firestorm, Variegated Blindness Tree, Jungle Fire Plant), May 22 2013The variegated foliage of Chinese Croton Firestorm is simply colourful and beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way!

We had this remarkable beauty about two years ago. Unfortunately, the plant died six months later for unknown reasons, possibly due to our ignorance about its cultural requirements.

Our newly purchased Excoecaria cochinchinensis 'Firestorm' (Chinese Croton Firestorm, Variegated Blindness Tree, Jungle Fire Plant), July 6 2015Recently, we came across these plants again, sold at RM15 per pot and just couldn’t resist including it to our garden collection. It seduced us effortlessly!

Absolutely love its impressive cascading habit that seems to dance on windy days to show off its amazing foliage variegation.

Splendid when grown in a hanging pot where the underside of leaves in various hues of maroon are visible and can be fully appreciated.


Calathea roseopicta ‘Dottie’ with dazzling pink markings

Calathea roseopicta cv. Dottie (Rose-painted Calathea Dottie)

Our potted Dracaena reflexa – ‘Song of India’ that was located at the courtyard was unhappy and breathed its last recently.

Our recently purchased Calathea roseopicta 'Dottie' (Calathea Dottie, Rose-painted Calathea Dottie, Rose-painted Prayer Plant Dottie), July 6 2015Thus, there’s a vacant space and we needed a replacement plant. This gave us an opportunity to go plant-shoping, a joyful adventure for any passionate gardener. ;-)

Ta-da… we happily took home a pot of Calathea roseo picta ‘Dottie’ that cost us only RM15. Its beauty was simply irresistible!

The vivid pink markings on the dark black-green leaves captivated and dazzled us so! Even the new emerging leaf had the distinct bright pink markings.

Mostly variegated foliage plants at our courtyard, July 11 2015It was mutual love at first sight… we wanted it and it wanted us!

Reaching home, I quickly replanted this treasured beauty into a new pot and located it at our courtyard where mostly variegated plants that love semi-shade dwell. Gosh, it really stands out amongst the greens!