Caladium Rosebud with magnificent foliage colours

Caladium Rosebud (Rose Bud Caladium)

Caladium Rosebud (Rose Bud Caladium) at our garden, 26 June 2008The Caladium Rosebud has eye-catching, bright green foliage with bright pink centres and edged by jagged white. It makes a wonderful contrast against its green foliage.

The Rose Bud Caladium will definitely light up a shady area of your garden.

It is grown for their amazingly vibrant, beautifully patterned and heart-shaped leaves, not for their flowers.

A charming foliage plant for all season!

2016 Christmas And 2017 New Year Greetings!

Rejoice And Be Glad!

Our Emmanuel Is With Us!
May His Nativity Brings A Rebirth Into Our Hearts,
With The Riches Of His Grace,
The Treasures Of His Love,
The Comfort Of His Mercies,
The Strength Of His Presence,
And The Touch of His Care!

Enjoy Your Holidays,
A Very Joyful And Blessed Christmas 2016,
And A Successful And Healthy New Year 2017
That’s Filled With God’s Countless Blessings Always!

Wishing You and Your Loved Ones... A Blessed and Joyful Christmas 2016 And A Happy New Year 2017

We take this opportunity to extend our grateful thanks
to all visitors and friends to our garden website.
Your visits and generous comments through the years
are very much appreciated.
An ecard made from a capture of our Dwarf Red Ixora to warm your hearts.
We look forward to your continuing support and encouragement.
God bless all of you and your loved ones always!

Garden updates from October to December, 2016

God knows how to keep my darling John and I happy always.
Blessing us with strength and passion in gardening!

These three months have be raining somewhat regularly and the plants just love it.
It helps us to reduce our water bill too… great huh!!

We’ll let our foliage plants and colourful flowers show off to their hearts content.

A collage of variegated foliage and flowering plants from October to December 2016

Melastoma malabathricum with rare and showy white flowers

Melastoma malabathricum (Malbar Gooseberry, Indian/Singapore Rhododendron, White Senduduk)

This beautiful shrub produces purplish-pink or deep mauve and white flowers.

Melastoma malabathricum (Malbar Gooseberry, Indian/Singapore Rhododendron, White Senduduk) with white flowers at a garden nursery, 12 April 2014The attractive white blooms are somewhat rare as compared to the purplish-pink ones. The white-flowered variety is known as Melastoma malabathricum ‘Alba’.

We first caught sight of the white flowers at a garden nursery in our neighbourhood in the year 2014.

Since then, we come across them every now and then along the roadside, highways, countryside, home gardens and parks.

Osmoxylon lineare ‘Variegata’ with captivating variegated foliage

Osmoxylon lineare ‘Variegata’ (Variegated Miagos Bush, Green Aralia)

Osmoxylon lineare 'Variegata' (Variegated Miagos Bush, Green Aralia), 28 Dec. 2009Our first sight of this captivating bush with variegated leaves was during our vacation to Felda Residence in Sungkai several decades ago!
What caught our attention were the whitish flowers and small round blackish berries that sat comfortably on the beautiful variegated leaves.

A rare tropical plant to be added to one’s garden.

Fortunately, I went through my photo archive and chanced upon this beauty again. What an opportunity to write about it!