Trimezia steyermarkii (Yellow Walking Iris)

Trimezia steyermarkii (Yellow Walking Iris, Traveling Iris)

Yellow Walking Iris… what a fascinating common name! A name well-suited to describe its wandering ways.
Trimezia steyermarkii (Yellow Walking Iris) at the outer bed, Sept 16 2013It has the tendency to throw out aerial plantlets along its inflorescence stalk from spent flowers. Then, the weight of the growing plantlets would bend down the stalk towards the ground, causing them to take root and propagate new plants. Hence, aptly named, the Yellow Walking Iris – propagating itself by ‘walking’ and producing yellow iris-like flowers!

To us, Trimezia steyermarkii’s gorgeous flowers seem more orchid-like. Thus, we were instantaneously captivated by their beauty when we first chanced upon them at a nearby garden nursery last August. Upon learning that these are sun-loving plants, we grabbed three pots home and planted them at the outer border, a location that’d be just perfect for them.


Our garden updates from January to February 2014

Love is in the air whenever we’re in our little garden paradise! We can feel it everywhere and every moment. Whether it is admiring our babies as we walk leisurely by, standing transfixed with awe at God’s creations, being hard at work or playing in the dirt… the atmosphere is contagious! We heart our plants and they respond with love selflessly and unconditionally as we do.

Our tropical garden's bountiful blessings at the front yard, February 23 2014

In the garden, it’s a celebration of  love everyday between our plants and us gardeners – their caregivers! It’s entirely different from Valentine’s Day of love that breezed through just one day on February 14th of each year.

New Apple Toys for 2014!

Woo-hoo! Two new Apple toys to start the year with… we couldn’t be happier!

These were purchased during a one day only Apple Online Store Sale on January 10th.

iMac 21.5-inch was delivered on January 15th, while iPad Air six days later. These new toys truly rock and kept us glued to our seats in amazement, so to speak.

Newly delivered Apple toys for 2014, a 21.5 inch iMac and an iPad Air

The sole purpose of getting an iPad was to encourage my beloved John to be computer literate… to know the basics of email messaging, able to navigate the internet to read the news and find useful info, enjoy songs/photos in our iTune and iPhoto libraries and loads of other interesting happenings in the cyber world and the likes. Hmm… took me more than a year to change his set ways and old school of thought. I’m mighty glad that he’s enjoying his new gift currently and learning fast too!

2014 Chinese New Year Greetings

To All Chinese Celebrating the Chinese New Year…


In the Lunar New Year of the Horse and thereafter…
May you and your loved ones enjoy good health and life to the fullest.
All the very best and God’s manifold blessings always.
2014 Chinese New Year Greeting Card
Enjoy, be happy and merry during the CNY festive season
with family, relatives and friends.

Celebrating New Year 2014 with arrival of feathered babies!


Our first post for 2014 is dedicated to the White-browed Bulbuls (Pycnonotus luteolus) Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier)… they have given us so much joy and blessed anticipation since last Christmas.

Pycnonotus goiavier (Yellow-vented Bulbuls), nesting on our potted Macarthur Palm, at the backyard

January 3 – What a marvelous and exciting start of 2014 with a bang…. the arrival of feathered babies on the third morning of the New Year!

2 hatchlings of Pycnonotus goiavier (Yellow-vented Bulbuls) emerged on Jan 3 2014

How blessed to witness once again the Bulbuls’ breeding process unfolding at our backyard, almost at our doorstep. Since we’ve experienced before their successful breeding in 2008, we managed to guess when the babies would be born. It was spot-on… they greeted the world exactly nine days after we first found a clutch of two beautifully spotted eggs in the nest, hidden atop our potted Macarthur Palm on Boxing Day, December 26 2013!