Hibiscus sabdariffa produces fabulous jam and roselle tea

Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle, Rosella, Red/Indian/Jamaican Sorrel, Florida Cranberry)

Roselle produces edible flowers and fruits that contains nutritional value, including Vitamin C and minerals.

Attractive pink flower and fleshy fruits of Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle, Rosella, Red/Indian/Jamaican Sorrel, Florida Cranberry), 21 May 2017Hence, it is popularly grown worldwide to produce Roselle jam and hibiscus tea.

The tea is made as an infusion from the crimson-coloured calyces of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower.

Superb when consumed as a refreshing drink on hot days!

Lavandula with captivating and aromatic blossoms

Lavandula (Lavender)

Captivating purple flowers of Lavandula (Lavender), 29 Feb 2016Lavender is a charming and versatile flowering plant with endless uses.

An amazing and aromatic plant that is popularly grown around the globe by gardeners.

This beauty is also a favourite among the horticulturists.

Its intensely scented flowers, when cut and dried are treasured for making potpourri.

It is also used to make fragrant sachets to perfume the home, indoors and outdoors.

Our Garden Updates from April to June 2017

My darling John and I would love to share
our beautiful tropical paradise
That delights us very much!
Please do enjoy viewing them online.
We praise and thank the Good Lord
for His numerous blessings!!

This small tropical garden, though tiny always never

fails to reward us for our tender-loving-care.

Our courtyard or indoor garden where mostly foliage plants reside.

Our courtyard which houses mostly foliage plants


Heliconia rostrata with stunning and downward-facing inflorescences

Heliconia rostrata (Lobster Claw, False Bird of Paradise, Hanging Heliconia)

Captivating flowers of Heliconia rostrata (Lobster Claw, False Bird of Paradise, Hanging Heliconia), 30 May 2017The Lobster Claw is an exotic species of Heliconia with stunning and long-lasting flowers that are downward-facing.

This beauty is unique and differs from other Heliconias whose flowers grow in an upright position.

Heliconia rostrata is the national flower of Bolivia in South America.

Nerium oleander with numerous magnificent floral colours

Nerium oleander (Rosebay, Nerium, Oleander)

Beautiful pink flowers of Nerium oleander (Rosebay, Nerium, Oleander), 26 June 2011Nerium oleander produces blossoms of numerous magnificent colours.

Nonetheless, it is one of the most poisonous garden plants.

Double-headed… beautiful and beastly!!

Oleander is the official flower of the city of Hiroshima as it was the first to bloom after the atomic bombing in 1945.