2013 Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings

Wishing all who are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year 2013,
starting from February 10th:


2013 Chinese New Year Greetings

May your Chinese New Year of the Snake and thereafter
be showered with God’s bountiful blessings
and be filled with…

good health and happiness;
love and laughter;
peace and prosperity;
success and sunshine;
wealth and wisdom.

Enjoy and have fun as you celebrate the CNY festive season
with family, relatives and friends.

How to propagate Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily) by division

Lustrous foliage of our potted Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily, Northern Christmas Lily)While flipping over the fabulously large and lustrous foliage of our potted Cardwell Lily out of curiosity, I discovered some plantlets growing beneath, hidden from view. How delightful as it gave me the opportunity to do something with them.

You guessed right! …a chance to do a tutorial on how to propagate Proiphys amboinensis (botanical name) by division of young bulbs, especially for new gardeners who’d like to know or those interested.

Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily, Northern Christmas Lily): young shoots emerged from offsets or bulbletsThe tunicate bulbs of matured Proiphys amboinensis produce offsets easily as a means of multiplying themselves. The offsets or bulblets that develop from buds at the edge of the basal plate of the mother bulb will eventually produce roots and grow as new plants that can be used for propagation.

Cardwell Lily or Northern Christmas Lily as commonly named can be propagated from seeds or by division of bulbs, the latter being the easiest and more reliable method.

2012 Christmas and 2013 New Year Greetings

Joy to the World, the Lord is come;

Let earth receive her King!

Sending 2012 Christmas Season and 2013 New Year Greetings to one and all, especially our website friends and visitors. Have a joyful and blessed Christmas and a great New Year 2013, that’s filled with peace, joy, love, good health and the best of everything!.

(Sorry for late post. Nevertheless, the Christmas Season ends on January 6th, the Feast of Epiphany, right?)

Enclosing a self-composed online greeting card by yours truly to you…

2012 Season Greetings to one and all!

Haha… The twin flowers from the Mickey Mouse Plant with eyes, nose and mouth were included in the image above to signify us sending our greetings to you and yours, with love!

Passiflora edulis with spectacular flowers and refreshing edible fruits

Passiflora edulis (Passion Fruit, Passionfruit, Purple granadilla)

Flowering Passiflora edulis with twin beauties in our garden, Oct 23, 2011Isn’t she a beauty? But unfortunately, we had unknowningly excluded it from our Plant Gallery and Plant Database. Hmmm… time to rectify that omission now!

An attractive vine and if given the right growing conditions, Passiflora edulis will be adorned with eye-catching flowers which is the national flower of Paraguay.

An added bonus is when the spectacular flowers will eventually develop intoPassiflora edulis: fruits for a refreshing drink edible fruits that have many uses, such as refreshing fruit juices, drinks, added to desserts, cakes, etc. That’s why, the Passionfruit vine is commercially grown and will be as desirable to have in your garden. Similar to the two-in-one gift offer… isn’t that marvelous?

October 2012: Admiring the unfurling of tiny tots in our garden

Wonderful sight indeed when I spent my days in October to observe the unfurling of tiny tots on our flowering and foliage plants. What marvels the Lord had created and designed for our amazement, delight and joy!

Sharing some images of their fascinating features that I had opportunity to capture on camera. I’ve created a photomosaic of each plant so that you can enjoy their unfolding beauty! They are self-explanatory, so I’ll just display them all below, hoping to put a smile on your face as you view them! :-)

Spathiphyllum spp. ‘Mauna Loa Supreme’
Common names: Peace Lily, Spathe Flower, White Anthurium, White Sails.

Spathiphyllum 'Mauna Loa Supreme': unfurling its flower and leaf


Wrightia antidysenterica
Common names: Snowflake, Milky Way, Arctic Snow, Winter Cherry Tree, Sweet Indrajao.

Wrightia antidysenterica: unfolding from buds to flowers