Tropical Potter Wasp or Mason Wasp (Eumeninae)

Our tropical garden visitors are interestingly beautiful and a delight to watch, to me anyway!

There are many fantastic bugs and insects found loitering at our front yard when I seek them out, especially to photograph their details which is visibly unseen with my naked eye. Somehow their amazing forms and patterns stand out in macro images and I’m always astounded with their remarkable beauty! What a wonderful world we live in!

Insect Pollinators (butterflies and bees) invading our garden!

Yippee! Helpful bugs and insects – come and swarm our garden, you’re most welcome!
Garden pests – be gone! You’re not at all welcomed!

I can’t get enough of these lovely creatures visiting our garden, especially our Malaysian butterflies and bees! Here’s sharing some wonderful captures of our garden visitors! Enjoy! :D

Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie’ with vibrant purple flowers

Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie’ (Katie Dwarf Ruellia, Dwarf Purple Ruellia, Dwarf Mexican/False Petunia)

Ruellia Brittoniana 'Katie' or Dwarf Purple Ruellia Ruellia Brittoniana 'Katie' or Dwarf Mexican Petunia or Dwarf Purple Ruellia

Tutorial on making an easy photo collage or montage

Creating a collage of pictures is definitely an exciting and challenging task! At times mind boggling too, some mathematics needed. I simply love doing it. My first collage was created in October, 2006 and had been a steep learning curve through trial and error! Hmm…it does get easier and prettier with more practices indeed! :D A collection of my photo collages is stored at my Flickr site, if you’d like to browse.

Calliandra emarginata ‘Red’ – the explosive beauty!

Calliandra emarginata (Dwarf Powder Puff, Powderpuff Plant)

A lovely bush of Calliandra/Inga emarginata or Powderpuff  showcasing our potted Callandra emarginata, Croton 'Ann Rutherford' and Dracaena marginata 'Tricolor' amongst othersSuch a spectacular potted bush this lovely Dwarf Powder Puff plant is when in flower! A profuse and frequent bloomer, its fabulous and bright red flowers absolutely brightens our garden corner.

We bought it about 2 years ago at a height of only 10″ and it has now shot up to almost 6 feet! Even as a young plant, it was already blooming to our greatest delight!

Currently, our Calliandra emarginata shrub has fired again!

Their stunning red blooms like explosive fireworks are not only a feast to our eyes, but also an attractive magnet for the many winged beauties that visit our garden, especially the hover flies and honey bees! How fascinating to watch the dwarf honeybees feasting on their nectar and how wonderful to capture images of them too! :D

Honey bee on Calliandra emarginata (Red Dwarf Powderpuff) Dwarf Honeybee (Apis florea) on Calliandra emarginata (Red Dwarf Powderpuff)