Plants Database

Our small and beautiful garden is packed with so many lovely plants and flowers. Some new plants, some old and some have died but their sweetness linger on. As garden enthusiasts, we like to know the botanical or common name of our plants so as to source online for some extra information about them, and knowing a little more enable us to give our ‘babies’ the best care!

Passionate Gardeners

During our younger days, we were more focused on bringing up and nurturing our family that included two wonderful sons, never realising that we can develop such an enthusiasm on gardening in our golden years! We did have some garden plants such as orchids, bougainvillea, some foliage plants and a couple of fruit trees then, but not as ‘extensive’ as now.

We started gardening seriously in January 2002 if I can recall correctly and have been rewarded with endless delights and joy since. Enjoying such comradeship with my loving spouse, I feel very blessed that he’s as passionate as I am in all things garden-related! :D

Here’s a pic of our frontyard garden taken in September 2004, just to share with you how it looked two years ago! Enjoy!

Enjoy the beauty of our tropical garden!

Hello & Welcome!

Let me introduce us! I’m Jacqueline, and am also the lesser other half of John, my tender-loving-caring spouse and best friend! We’re retirees in our golden years, residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m the one writing for us here but he’ll be my main support. Most of my writings will be focused on our garden, the garden path into our lives!

Though I’m not new to the blogging world, but this is definitely a new path taken with WordPress and it’ll be an interesting and wonderful learning journey, I’m sure! I’d like to welcome you to visit my other blog which I’ve maintained since late October, 2005.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again. :-)