Brunfelsia pauciflora (B. calycina) – a glorious tricolor beauty!

Brunfelsia pauciflora (Yesterday-today-tomorrow)

Brunfelsia pauciflora / B.calycina (Yesterday-today-tomorrow)This lovely dramatic bush with its tri-colored array of heavenly-scented flowers has been a wonderful addition to our front yard since year 2003.

It was first grown in a container and later transplanted on the ground when we noticed that it’ll be an impressive bush for the landscape with its spreading open branches of dense foliage and beautiful flowers!

Duranta erecta / repens ‘Sweet Memories’ – attracts butterflies, bees and birds

Duranta erecta ‘Sweet Memories’ (Pigeon Berry, Golden Dewdrop, Skyflower)

Duranta erecta 'Sweet Memories', captured in November 9, 2006 Duranta erecta (syn: D. repens) 'Sweet Memories', captured in November 9, 2006

Growing in our garden are two of the commonest cultivars – Duranta erecta ‘Sweet Memories’ with stunning purple flowers with contrasting white centres and wavy white borders on petals’ edges, and Duranta erecta ‘Alba’ with sweet white flowers. Hmm…I wonder whether ‘Geisha Girl’ is a synonym for ‘Sweet Memories’ or is it a different cultivar with deep violet-blue flowers?

Christmas Greetings 2006

Luke 2: 10-11
An angel of the Lord said to the shepherds, “Do not be afraid, I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people. This very day in David’s town, your Savior was born – Christ the Lord!”

National Gardens of Athens, Greece

Last week I travelled to Athens in Greece and spent a wonderful hour sight-seeing the grandeur of the National Gardens, its impressive trees, plants and flowers, ducks, pigeons and animals, as well as stroll along its seaside, plus immersed in viewing its awesome architechural buildings and museum. One solid hour was all I needed to delight myself, believe me! ;) Aha…you’ve guessed right, a virtual tour of course! :D Thanks to my wonderful garden forum friend, Liza who generously posted lovely pictures captured during her recent trip back home to her birth country!

Another impressive site here to wander further and learn alot more of Athens in Greece! Enjoy! :)

The splendid aroma of Pandanus amaryllifolius (Pandan Leaf)

Pandanus amaryllifolius/odorus (Fragrant Pandan/Screwpine, Pandan Leaf/Leaves)

Pandanus amaryllifolius (Fragrant Pandan/Screwpine, Pandan Leaf/Leaves) at our backyardis one of those long-domesticated plants and is the only Pandanus species with fragrant leaves. Our backyard garden is never without this essential plant!

Like the Murraya Koenigii commonly known as Curry Leaf/Leaves, its fragrant pandan leaves are very much needed in our Malaysian cooking and I can’t do without it! :)

They’re popularly used for adding fragrance in desserts, cakes, rice (especially ‘nasi lemak‘, one of our favourite meal), etc. For added flavour too, they can be used as wrappers for meat and seafood for frying, baking, grilling or steaming.