Photoshop tutorial thumbnails

I simply love the wonderful resulting effects of applying Photoshop on photos! The little photo effects that I know is enough to amaze and blow me over, as well as prod me to continue seeking and learning online! Thus, I have documented some tutorials of photo effects that I’ve learnt less I forget, as well as to share them herein with all like-minded people who are also searching and thirsting….!

The exotic blooms of tropical Heliconia species

Heliconia species

Various cultivars of potted Heliconia psittacorum lining our fence border at the frontyard, taken October 6, 2007 Heliconia stricta cv. Carli's Sharonii in our garden, taken December 15, 2005

Heliconias, one of the world’s most spectacular tropical plants! Dramatic and magnificent, the inflorescences of the Heliconia are widely sought by many, from the simple gardeners to the commercial growers catering for the cut flower industry, hybridists and so on, all captivated by its bold and exotic beauty!

Photoshop tutorial – Collage of illusive garden photos and an inset

Hehe…if you’d browse through this blog and my Flickr photostream, you’d come to know that I’m really a Photoshop maniac! :D

Having learnt recently how to create an illusion of a picture within a picture and presented a Photoshop tutorial on it, I’ve found this craft handy when I needed to illustrate garden flower images in the plants database of my blog.


Sizzling Pink Loropetalum, our garden star in September!

Wow! A great garden dazzler indeed, with captivating sizzling pink fringe flowers!

Flowers and buds of 'Sizzling Pink' Loropetalum emerged a week after a hard pruning. Taken on September 25, 2007 Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum ‘Sizzling Pink’ or Pink Chinese Witch Hazel as it is commonly named, has never failed to reward us with abundant flowers whenever its sprawling branches are heavily trimmed to keep it neat and tidy.

We did exactly that, a severe haircut sometime middle of this September month and what a remarkable effect as seen in the left image. :)

Beautiful wings of Christia vespertilionis

Christia vespertilionis (Mariposa, Red Butterfly Wing)

Christia vespertilionis (Red Butterfly Wing) in our garden, April 30 2008Our potted Christia vespertilionis (Red Butterfly Wing), shot Oct 5 2011Another fabulous plant to add to one’s garden.

Our first Christia vespertilionis seedling arrived in our garden in December 2004 and its descendants are still scattering their seeds all over our garden till today, like the pretty Torenia fournieri!

How wonderful!…and for only a couple of Malaysian Ringgit, mind you! :D

Its fabulous foliage color and formation fascinates and captivates us so! Such delicateness and elegance as the plant dance in the gentle breeze! Lovely! :)