Catopsilia pomona pomona, a pale-yellow polymorphic butterfly!

Catopsilia pomona pomona (Lemon Emigrant or Common Emigrant)

Catopsilia pomona pomona or C. crocale, shot Jan 14, 2008 A very pale yellow butterfly came visiting a few weeks ago. Being both a gardening and butterfly enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for these beautiful insects as I potter around in our garden.

This time, while weeding yet looking up every now and then, I spotted this tropical beauty flying in and headed straight towards our Bauhinia kockiana, a climbing vine almost 2.5 meters high. I didn’t rush inside for my compact camera as these fast flying butterflies hardly stop for long and are such teasers, leaving as fast as they fly in. Nevertheless, I could see that this Catopsilia pomona pomona that clung to a Bauhinia kockiana leaf seemed perfectly happy to be there for quite some while, probably shading itself from the afternoon sun.

Photoshop tutorial – Create simple photo borders/frames (Part 1)

In Photoshop, there are absolutely countless ways of creating photo borders or frames. The techniques can be very simple, easy and creative or professional and sophisticated. Though an image by itself can be as attractive, drawing a border or frame around the photo can enhance its beauty and bring focus to its contents. And, this drawing craze is one of my favourite hobbies, more an addiction actually! ;)

Here, I aim to share three very simple and easy ways of creating photo borders or frames, using Photoshop CS2, especially for beginners. Some methods are easier than others, some are more suited to certain photos, and some need a combination of techniques to produce the best results. By practicing more often, you’ll know which method to apply to yield better outcome.

Photoshop tutorial – Create a simple greeting card

Chinese New Year for 2008 is fast approaching. In our country, Malaysia, this auspicious day will fall on February 7 according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It will be celebrated by the Chinese communities here and all over the world, especially Chinese populated regions such as China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and others. Year 2008 is identified as the Brown Earth Rat year. Read interesting articles about this festive season at this site.

Chinese New Year greeting card, created in Photoshop CS2 Reflecting on the coming festivities, an idea struck me! Why not create a simple greeting card with our garden plants or flowers and send it online to all our Chinese friends? Hmm…this will not only save me some dollars but allow my creative juices to flow! And, it is such fun creating a card in Photoshop CS2, I simply enjoy doing it. ;)

Calming shades of blue in January 2008

Fabulous buds of Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile), shot Jan 5, 2008 Flowering and foliage plants at our garden porch, shot Jan 15, 2008

Amathusia phidippus phidippus (Palm King) visited our home too!

Amathusia phidippus phidippus (Indian Palm King, Palm King)

Macro image of Amathusia phidippus phidippus (Palm King) captured on Dec 13, 2007 Wow! What a beauty this gorgeously patterned butterfly is! How wonderful to be able to capture a dozen close-up shots of it with my compact camera Canon Powershot A60, and to continue delighting in all its fabulous images on my personal computer as and when I desire, details impossible to admire otherwise.

This impressively large butterfly has a ‘tail’ and a wingspan of 11-12 cm. It is beautifully clothed in some shades of brown on the upperside, whilst the under surface is ‘designed’ with broad bands in varying shades of reddish or cinnamon brown and interspersed with narrower off-white bands. Each hind wing has two large submarginal ocelli (eye-spots). This tropical butterfly is crepuscular in habit, active during dusk and often enters lighted houses.