Photoshop Tutorial – Create an illusion of a picture within a picture

Sometimes, I’d like to bring more focus to the main subject or object in my photo…don’t you? One of the ways to do this is to create an illusion, of course! Basically, it is creating the appearance of a smaller cropped version of the photo within its larger self, using the vector shape, creating a clipping mask and adding some aesthetic effects with the Layer Styles. The end result seems quite similar to a collage of a single photo, though in this case, using a vector shape offers more flexibility in that it can be moved, resized or rotated without affecting the quality of the image it encompassed.


Photoshop tutorial – Create Easy 3-D Box Picture Frames

There are so many ways to enhance our images. One of my favorite ways is to add a border or frame and it can be done in such creative ways. Absolutely exciting, challenging and rewarding as I experiment with the many ways available in Photoshop CS2. These last few days, while playing around with just a few of the Layer Styles, I was surprised to get some delightful results – one that displayed a lovely three-dimensional effect, almost like a box picture frame.


August 2007 in our tropical garden!

Another colorful month, which I’d like to dedicate to all our flowering orchids – the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis! Just four delightful species shone throughout this month but sufficient to brighten our whole frontyard…hehe, but of course, since the area is pretty small, heh! ;)

Well, here’s sharing images of their exotic and vibrant beauty! Enjoy, please! :)


Orthetrum sabina, a slender-bodied chartreuse dragonfly

Orthetrum sabina sabina (Slender/Green Skimmer, Green Marsh Hawk)

Orthetrum sabina sabina (Drury, 1770) camouflaging on a Croton leaf. Shot in April 11, 2007 What a wonderful coincidence! While googling for the identity of my red dragonfly, I came across the ID for this beautiful chartreuse one that I captured in April this year! My very first capture of a dragonfly in our frontyard garden.

I can clearly recall its apparent collaboration during my photo session where it just stayed still for some moments wherever it perched, long enough for me to focus and shoot! It first settled on the leaf of Strelitzia reginae (Crane Flower) and then brilliantly move on to rest on the variegated leaf of Arrowhead Croton, the perfect camouflage! Amazing…I managed to get 7 lovely shots altogether! :D

Orthetrum testaceum, a broad-bodied red dragonfly

Orthetrum testaceum testaceum

A male Orthetrum testaceum testaceum (Burmeister, 1839) resting on the Boston Fern. Shot in August 13, 2007 What a stunning red beauty, this dragonfly of the Orthetrum species is!

I’ve frequently seen it flying by our garden though more concentrated along the monsoon drain outside our backyard. It flies swiftly to and fro as if staking its claim over the route it plies! How blessed I was to be able to capture a couple of its image recently! :D