Our tropical garden from October to December 2015

Our tropical garden paradise is forever alive with various flora and fauna to enchant us!

We’re truly blessed as we stand transfixed in awe at God’s marvellous creations, mesmerised by all the sheer beauty that we see everyday. Thank you, Heavenly Father!

Our small garden comprises of three sections… 1) the front yard, including the car porch; 2) the courtyard; 3) the backyard. We hope you’ll enjoy the photos presented below for your viewing pleasure.

Our front yard
Collage of flowering plants at our frontyard, Dec 13 2015
Gorgeous flowering plants at our front yard


Mussaenda Dona Luz with splendid salmon-pink bracts

Mussaenda philippica ‘Dona Luz’ (Dona Luz Pink Mussaenda, Tropical Dogwood Dona Luz)

Beautiful salmon-pink bracts of Mussaenda philippica 'Dona Luz', Feb 8 2014We have never planted ‘Dona Luz’, an attractive landscape plant with eye-catchy salmon-pink bracts. Fortunately, we do get to admire these lovely shrubs that are often found along roadsides or countryside and parks.

Being year-round bloomers in our tropical country, we’re never deprived of photographing these beautiful shrubs/trees.

Eye-catchy salmon-pink bracts of Mussaenda philippica 'Dona Luz', Feb 8 2014Hence, we’ve captured many shots of them to enable us to enjoy their loveliness in our photo archives.

Nevertheless, its cousin, Mussaenda phillipica ‘Aurorae’ had graced our small garden and we’ve been able to marvel at their hardiness and beauty for many years then.

Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ with dramatic variegated foliage

Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ (Prayer Plant Vittata, Calathea Vittata)

Calathea elliptica 'Vittata' was added to our garden collection in April 14 2014Isn’t she a beauty? A pretty name for a foliage plant with dramatic variegation!

We chanced upon this lovely plant slightly more than one and a half years ago in April 2014. Simply irresistible and we happily decided without hesitation to add to our garden collection.

Calathea elliptica 'Vittata' growing beautifully at our courtyard, Nov 18 2015It costs us about RM10, rather cheap for this attractively marked plant! It would be excellent to add to our courtyard where mostly foliage plants reside.

We have no regrets whatsoever as it had grown so marvellously with least care and added many new plants that emerged easily from its rhizomatous roots.

Adiantum trapeziforme with graceful cascading fronds

Adiantum trapeziforme (Giant/Diamond Maidenhair, Trapezoidal Maidenhair)

These fabulous ferns are seen frequently in hanging baskets or container-grown in many residences that favour growing ferns. Ferns are unbeatable for an elegant display of the finest foliage!

Adiantum trapeziforme (Giant/Diamond Maidenhair, Trapezoidal Maidenhair) with graceful arching fronds, July 9, 2014Unfortunately, we hadn’t the chance to grow this particular Diamond Maidenhair as they are not sold in nurseries that we frequent regularly. Love to add to our collection of ferns if opportunity arises.

Nonetheless, we got to admire them at Doris Soosay’s home and managed to capture a few shots.

Well, for the time being, we just have to be contented admiring this lovely Giant Maidenhair in our photo archives.

Aglaonema cv. Legacy: a gorgeous Thai Hybrid

Aglaonema cv. Legacy (Thai Aglaonema, Thai Chinese Evergreen)

We realised recently that this fabulous Thai Aglaonema had been omitted in our plant database… need to include asap. Googling, I noticed that many cultivar names have been assigned to this beautiful plant, including Aglaonema ‘Miss Thailand’ and Legacy’?

Our beautiful variegated foliage of Aglaonema cv. Legacy (Thai Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen), June 22 2011Well, for now we’ve decided to name this very eye-catchy plant, Aglaonema cv. Legacy.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

We got this beauty for a steal in June 2011… costs only RM20 for four plants in the 6-inch pot! Had they been separately potted, each would had been sold at RM10 per plant or more.

We’re definitely suckers for colourful and variegated foliage plants.