Bucida buceras cv. Variegata with captivating variegated foliage

Bucida buceras cv. Variegata (Variegated Madagascar Almond, Dwarf Geometry Tree, Oxhorn Bucida)

A majestic Bucida buceras cv. Variegata, seen in the neighbourhood, 9 April 2017Variegated Madagascar Almond or Dwarf Geometry Tree with its superb variegated leaves will be a lovely addition to any garden.

The variegation on the foliage is simply captivating, to say the least.

Its tiered branches gives it an architectural look.

Hence, this majestic tree is popularly planted along the roadside, residential and urban areas to showcase its beauty and attractiveness.

Costus speciosus ‘Variegatus’ with marvellous variegated leaves

Costus speciosus ‘Variegatus’ (Variegated Crepe Ginger, Variegated Spiral Ginger/Flag)

Showy flowering Costus speciosus 'Variegatus' (Variegated Crepe Ginger, Variegated Spiral Ginger/Flag), 19 April 2017Variegated Crepe Ginger has marvellous variegated green leaves that are streaked with creamy to white stripes.

A free-flowering clustering plant with tall reed-like and spiral-shaped stems.

The stems are topped with large snowy-white and crepe-textured flowers on terminal cones.

An amazing and spectacular flowering plant to add to one’s garden.

Geranium flowers in various beautiful colours

Geranium (Cranesbills, Geranium)

Colourful flowers of Geranium (Cranesbills) at Cactus Point in Cameron Highlands, 21 Sept 2016Geraniums are a hot favourite plant for many home gardeners.

They are so easy to grow and produce various colourful blossoms.

Fill your garden with their bright and beautiful flowers to add colour and interest.

Truly, Cranesbills will never fail to delight you!

Lagerstroemia speciosa with enchanting blossoms

Lagerstroemia speciosa (Giant crape-myrtle, Queen’s crape-myrtle)

Lagerstroemia speciosa (Giant crape-myrtle, Queen's crape-myrtle, Queen's Flower, Pride-of-India) blooming in abundance with lavender flowers, 11 April 2011The Queen’s crape-myrtle is a free-flowering tree with enchanting flowers.

Excellent as a landscape plant with large clusters of colourful blossoms in bright pink or lavender to purple.

Truly an impressive tree that’s often seen along the sidewalks.

Propagation of Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’

Healthy potted Caladium 'Lucky Purple' at our frontyard, 12 May 2017Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’ is a captivating cultivar that was hybridised and grown from tissue cultures in Thailand. Its large and rounded heart-shaped leaves are truly spectacular with pinkish purple colouration and beautiful bright pink venation.

Recently our potted Aglaonema cv. Valentine at the courtyard was discarded as the plants were frequently attacked by the mealy bugs. Thus, we decided to separate the potted Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’ into two pots to replace the Aglaonema.

Moreover, we took the opportunity to separate them for this propagation project. It is to help beginners who may be clueless on how to go about it.

It can be easily propagated by division of the tubers or offsets.

How to propagate Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’ by division :