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Fabulous shamrock-like foliage of Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis triangularis (Purple Shamrock, Purple Leaf Shamrock)
What a stunner Oxalis triangularis is! We’re absolutely captivated by their uniquely colored leaves of deep maroon-purple and unusual trifoliolate foliage! Small clusters of light pink to lavender flowers borne above the lovely foliage display a wonderful contrast too. It is truly impressive!

We’ve reintroduced a hanging pot of this plant to our tropical garden collection early last November and today the clumps have multiplied beautifully. The more, the merrier as eventually we would want to have more plants for free! ;)

In fact, we did plant Oxalis triangularis which we named Butterfly Leaves about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, in less than 3 months it just died suddenly, which we attributed to root rot. We must have over watered, thinking that the plant was thirsty when its foliage folded down – how ignorant! Hopefully now, with added knowledge from researching the internet, we’ll know how to care for these lovelies and they’ll stay happy and healthy forever.

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation -:

Here are some subspecies (spp.) of Oxalis triangularis, with some images here:

There are a few species out of the many (about 800 species) in the genus Oxalis that are classified as invasive weeds in the United States, such as Oxalis pes-caprae, Oxalis corniculata and Oxalis stricta.

We’re so delighted to know that the species ‘triangularis’ and many other cultivated species aren’t classified as such! Hooray, we can continue to grow and enjoy their beauty all year round! :D

Update: 20080914 –
So wonderful to notice that our potted Oxalis have sparkled again with a vengeance, so to speak. We experimented with a couple of changes: 1) relocated to our courtyard where it is cooler with filtered sunlight and away from the harshness of the blazing morning to midday sun, and 2) water thrice weekly instead of everyday. Now, they’re looking so healthy, happy and sporting lots of leaves and pretty flowers as seen in these latest photos. Moreover, leaves do not fold down here in the day as they did previously outside, in hot sun. :)

Update: 20090301 – More recent photos here.

Last edit: May 30, 2016