John&Jacq~s Garden

Our Garden Updates From October To December 2017

We praise and thank God Almighty

For blessing us with our daily dose of joy,

To enjoy our garden plants and flowers and whatever marvels seen everyday,

For strength and passion in gardening
during our golden years!

Sharing below our beautiful tropical garden and some gorgeous flowering and foliage plants in the courtyard
as well as frontyard from October to December 2017!!

Inner border at our frontyard with captivating plants and flowers

Outer bed at our frontyard with lovely plants and flowers

Our courtyard that is mostly packed with foliage plants

Some of the beautiful flowering plants in our tropical garden

A great variety of flowering plants at our frontyard

Beautiful flowering Tillandsia ionantha and Butterfuly Ginger Lily

Heliconia stricta ‘Carli’s Sharonii’ and Alocasia macrorrhizos Variegata

Grasshoppers and a brown insect in our tropical garden

Sunbird, butterfly, moth and an insect are our frequent garden visitors

Hope you’ve enjoyed visiting our small tropical paradise!!