John&Jacq~s Garden

Our Garden Updates from July to September 2017

What Marvels The Lord Has Blessed Us With
Indeed, We Rejoice And Are Glad!

So many fabulous surprises in our tropical garden paradise

That delight us so very much!

We never knew that Variegated Giant Elephant Ear will ever bloom!
What an awesome treat!

Yay! Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ finally decided
to flower to reward us for our tender-loving-care!

We grew this beauty since April, 2014 and it never bloomed. Appears that we had to wait more than 3 years to finally bloom.

More marvels in our small tropical garden paradise!

Colourful flowers in our tropical garden

Another collage of captivating flowers in our garden.

We simply love growing plants with variegated leaves!

Crinum asiaticum ‘Variegatum’ that flowers
intermittently all year round

Some of our regular garden visitors

Grasshopper feasting on our Red Button Ginger

Baby Garden Lizard on our mulberry shrub

Baby bulbul perched on the lovely Christia obcordata

Sunbird, visiting regularly to enjoy the nectar of Red Button Ginger

We hope that you’ve enjoyed visiting
our small garden paradise online! :-)