John&Jacq~s Garden

Garden updates from January to March, 2017

My beloved spouse, John and I would love to share
our beautiful tropical garden
That delights us so very much!
Really hope that you will enjoy viewing them online.
And thanking our Heavenly Father
for His countless blessings!!

Our small tropical paradise that never cease to put a smile on our faces!

The frontyard where most of our plants reside.

Colourful flowering and foliage plants.

Beautiful flowers of Arundina graminifolia.

Tibouchina mutabilis with its flower and seedpods.

The blossoming Tillandsia ionantha.

Alternanthera ficoidea in various colours.

Vibrant Yellow Portulaca grandiflora.

Collage of Ruellia brittoniana ‘White’ & ‘Pink’.

The charming Torenia fournieri.

The ever blooming Tibouchina urvilleana.

The fruiting Morus nigra.

Yellow-vented Bulbul nesting. Sadly the 2 eggs weren’t hatched as predators like the juvenile kitten and magpie birds were lurking behind.

Captivating flowers of Spathiphyllum spp. ‘Wallisii’.

Charming Platycerium bifurcatum & Spathiphyllum spp. ‘Wallisii’ or Peace Lily.