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Thai Basil, the king of herbs is edible with many culinary uses

Thai Basil (Anise/Licorice/Cinnamon Basil)

Best to grow one’s own herbs because we’ll ensure that they are pesticide-free for our good health.

We have been planting Thai Basil or Anise Basil for several years in a pot at our  backyard where most of our herbs such as the Mentha spicata, Pandanus amaryllifolius and Murrays koenigii or Curry Leaf are located.

It can be easily planted… in 2011, we bought a bunch of fresh and healthy-looking Thai Basil from the grocery store. Then fill our pot with garden soil and thrust them about 2 cm deep into the soil and water them regularly for success. They flourished beautifully.

We just love them as they are distinctly flavourful when added to spaghetti or omelette. Definitely, we can’t do without them!

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