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Morus nigra produces nutrient-enriched mulberries

Morus nigra (Black Mulberry, Indian/Persian Mulberry)

A doctor friend told us about the health and nutritional benefits of the mulberry fruits.

And coincidentally, our very dear friend, Stella Cheong surprised us with a wonderful Chinese New Year gift of a young rooted cutting of Mulberry, laden with fruits on February 21st, 2014.

Such an awesome present that delighted us so as it had been one of our long-awaited desirous plants.

Our Mulberry bush is flourishing so well at the outer bed of our front yard and providing us regularly with such lovely fruits to whet our appetite.
A pity though that our garden is too small to provide space for a Mulberry tree.

Hence, the plant has to be pruned frequently to restrict its height and maintain it as a 2-meter-tall shrub. And, the more often it is given a haircut, the more it rewards us with bountiful fruits. Great huh!

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Last edit: June 15, 2016