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Gouty stem of Jatropha podagrica (Buddha Belly Plant)

Jatropha podagrica (Gout Plant, Buddha Belly Plant, Bottleplant Shrub)

Here is another unique and fascinating herbaceous perennial plant like the Adenium obesum (Desert Rose), that will develop an attractively swollen and knobby caudex as it ages.

A tropical beauty with bright orange-red inflorescence towering above its dark green foliage in lovely contrast.

We had grown this attractive-looking ornamental plant about 3.5 years ago, but no longer now.

Just an image in our photo archives to remind us of its brief one and a half year’s existence in our tropical garden, marvelous while it lasted.

Hmm…may consider growing it again??

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation :

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Update: March 16 2010

Late September last year, we chanced upon a couple of seedlings by the roadside, brought it home and had them pot-planted.

And, we were wonderfully surprised by the appearance of its first stalk of flowers early last month! Wow!

More Gout Plant pictures here, if you’re interested.

Update: June 15 2011

This Jatropha podagrica (Gout Plant) shrub really caught our eyes when we spotted it at the parking area, outside a shopping complex last December. We’ve never seen one that tall before and towering above the other plants in the crowd!

We were amazed to discover that when grown on the ground the shrub can scale to about 2.6 m (8.5 ft) tall. Fantastic!

Definitely delighted that I had brought along my camera and was able to snap a shot to share it here.

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