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Dracaena marginata: the green variety is as impressive indoors or outdoors

Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree, Red-edged Dracaena)

We’ve been eyeing this impressive treelet since 2010.

Just unfortunate that the nursery in our neighbourhood didn’t have young plants for sale then.

The matured ones with several heads would have dug a big hole in our pocket as the prices were between RM200-250, way beyond our budget.

Our patience paid well and in late November 2011,we were able to purchase our dream and long awaited Dracaena marginata for RM28, apretty good deal for a healthy young plant.

Initially, the Dracaena marginata was located at the porch, just outside the sliding glass doors and it flourished luxuriantly. Truly a gardener’s delight!

Though a slow-growing plant, we were greeted by a small plantlet that sprouted at the side of the main stem, slightly more than a year later. What a wonderful surprise!

Thus, to do it justice, we decided to  relocate this robust beauty to a conducive and favourable site where it can stand majestically and be admired by one and all.

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation :

There are several Dracaena marginata varieties, the most common ones include:

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Last edit: June 15, 2016