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Dianthus species and hybrids are astoundingly colourful!

Dianthus species and hybrids (Carnation, Pink, Sweet William), Nov 3 2013

We came across these astoundingly colourful beauties sometime in November 2013 and were instantaneously charmed by them.

There were several potted plants with many striking colours that it was somewhat difficult to nail our selection.

Hence, we carefully chose colours that were rarely seen in our small garden. One pot with magenta (process) flowers while the other, a variegated pattern-coloured type in pink and white.

Fast forward to a year later in 2014, we noticed that the remaining plants that are still cheering us ever since is the magenta or dark pink cultivar of Dianthus barbatus, as shown in the right image above.

We are gloriously delighted that Dianthus species and hybrids are free-flowering throughout the year in tropical Malaysia.

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Last edit: June 15, 2016