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Ctenanthe pilosa ‘Golden Mosaic’ with bold variegated foliage

Ctenanthe pilosa cv. Golden Mosaic (Golden Variegated Ctenanthe)

We simply love plants with variegated foliage and this marvellous Golden Variegated Ctenanthe is certainly one of them.

There were numerous plants for sale at the nearby nursery, but we spotted only one plant of this beauty in a poly bag in late February, 2014. It appeared to be so unhappy and eagerly waiting to be embraced by us.

We happily grabbed it without hesitation and willingly paid RM6 which we considered relatively cheap for this jewel of a plant.

Moreover, we’re positive that it would definitely be happy at our courtyard where mostly variegated plants that love semi-shade reside in.

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Last edit: June 15, 2016