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Beautiful wings of Christia vespertilionis

Christia vespertilionis (Mariposa, Red Butterfly Wing)

Another fabulous plant to add to one’s garden.

Our first Christia vespertilionis seedling arrived in our garden in December 2004 and its descendants are still scattering their seeds all over our garden till today, like the pretty Torenia fournieri!

How wonderful!…and for only a couple of Malaysian Ringgit, mind you! :D

Its fabulous foliage color and formation fascinates and captivates us so! Such delicateness and elegance as the plant dance in the gentle breeze! Lovely! :)

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation :

There are many Christia vespertilionis cultivars, though the only other that I’ve seen besides the kind we grow is with green leaves and marked with deep maroon veins. Quite a pretty one too, I’d say! View more Christia vespertilionis images that include other coloured varieties at!

Hooray!! We extremely delighted that we sighted several pots of the Green Butterfly Wing at Cactus Point, Cameron Highlands during our recent vacation. Of course, we grabbed a pot that costs us only RM9.50 as we’ve lusted for this beauty for ages! Finally, it’s part of our garden collection. Sharing below a couple of images…

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