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Chlorophytum laxum ‘Bichetii’ or is it Chlorophytum bichetii?

Chlorophytum laxum ‘Bichetii’ (Bichetii Grass, Siam Lily, False Lily Turf, Wheat Plant) –

This lovely lime-green foliage plant is another of our potted garden babies. It goes by the cultivar name, ‘Bichetii’ or ‘Variegatum’ and is the commonest variegated form of Chlorophytum laxum in cultivation.

Popularly grown in home gardens, this petite herb plant is quite similar to Chlorophytum comosum, another species in the genus, Chlorophytum. Though not as attractive without the long arching stalks of ‘baby spiders’ or plantlets which is so characteristic of the real Spider Plants, it is sometimes known too as Variegated Spider Plant or Dwarf Spider Plant. Is it a mistake, I wonder?

Nevertheless, it does look pretty when planted in hanging pots amongst a crowd of other variegated spider plants, adding variety as seen in the right image of our garden porch.

An easy-growing plant that multiplies readily from its tuberous roots, providing extra plants that can be given as gifts to friends and neighbours. Isn’t that great?

Be aware that it is a non-acquatic plant that will rot quite quickly if submerged in an aquarium and likewise if emersed. So, don’t be fooled by the aquarium plant suppliers!

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Note: there’s a lot of contradictory info in the internet regarding this pretty plant. Some have named it as Chlorophytum laxum ‘Bichetii’ or ‘Variegatum’ and others, Chlorophytum bichetii or Chlorophytum bichetii ‘Siam Lily’. It’s so confusing! Nonetheless, for this article, we chose to temporarily identify our plant with the first mentioned name until proven wrong and we’re not responsible for the accuracy of information herein.

Last edit: June 1, 2016