Our Garden Archives

An urban tropical garden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Garden updates from January to March, 2017

My beloved spouse, John and I would love to share our beautiful tropical garden That delights us so very much! Really hope that you will enjoy viewing them online. And thanking our Heavenly Father for His countless blessings!! Our small tropical paradise that never cease to put a smile on our faces! The frontyard where most of […]

Garden updates from October to December, 2016

God knows how to keep my darling John and I happy always. Blessing us with strength and passion in gardening! These three months have be raining somewhat regularly and the plants just love it. It helps us to reduce our water bill too… great huh!! We’ll let our foliage plants and colourful flowers show off to […]

Our tropical garden updates from July to September 2016

We praise and thank God for His wondrous creation and designs! For blessing John and I with our daily dose of joy and wonder, Marvelling our flowering and foliage plants with delightful praise Strengthening us in our gardening passion during our golden years, And assisting us to share our beautiful tropical garden paradise here. What […]

Our garden updates from April to June 2016

“Gardening is medicine that does not need PRESCRIPTION and has no limit on DOSAGE.” – Author Unknown Our garden never fails to delight and uplift our spirit! It is our daily dose of joy and put a smile on our faces and encourages us to continue our gardening passion. Sharing some of our images, hoping […]

Admiring our garden from January to March 2016

Our tropical garden is marvellously exciting to look at… at least to us anyway! (“wink”) It never fails to cheer us as we walk around leisurely in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, mesmerised by the sheer beauty that abound and at the same time being always grateful and thankful to God for His awesome creations […]