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Calathea roseo picta, an exquisite foliage plant

Calathea roseo picta (Rose Painted Calathea, Rose Painted Prayer Plant)

Such exquisite-looking tropical foliage to adorn one’s home, indoors or outdoors alike! It is impossible not to be mesmerized with such exclusively beautiful foliage of Calathea! We have been having these potted plants of Calathea roseo picta cv. ‘Eclipse’ as pictured above since July, 2006. Not demanding at all – just provide partial-shade, sufficient water, warmth and humidity…and be prepared for their overstay for many years ahead! :D

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation :

This species, Calathea roseo picta has numerous cultivars (sports) that are exceptionally gorgeous with unique leaf variegation and designs. Growing in our garden is the lovely cultivar named ‘Eclipse’.

Calathea roseo picta cv. ‘Eclipse’ (Prayer Plant ‘Eclipse’) –

It is a compact and dwarf cultivar with clump-forming and spreading growth habit that is about 15-20 cm in height and slightly more in width. Leaves held on short petioles (7-9.5 cm long) that emerge from the crown are large and somewhat orbicular (ranging from 12-15.5 cm in length, and 10-13 cm in width) with a mucronate tip and an obtuse base. Leaf margins and upper surface appear wonderfully wavy or undulated. Glossy leaves are colored dark green and fabulously patterned with a fine-feathered midrib of silvery-green that has a rose tinge. Encircling slightly inside the leaf’s dark green margin is a distinctive broad brushstroke band, of the same colors as the midrib though the pink is more intense. The undersides of leaf blade is reddish-purple. As typical of most Calatheas, its leaves fold up in the evening, appearing as if hands held upright in prayer, hence commonly named Prayer Plant ‘Eclipse’. It bears small and insignificant white and purple flowers, peeping out from apple-green bracts.
An absolutely fabulous and dramatic beauty!

Listed below are some other popular cultivars/sports of Calathea roseo picta besides the cultivar ‘Eclipse’ mentioned above :

Read about their description and other information at Free Patents Online.

Update: October 31, 2008
Wow! How delightful, our Calathea roseo picta cv. ‘Elipse’ has finally decided to flower after more than 2 years! The best part is we got a double bonus – two flowering stalks instead of one, and both have been blooming non-stop since early October and still going strong till today!
Enjoy their beauty below and a few more images here.

Update: November 19, 2008
Both the flowering stalks kept producing blooms daily and became exhausted only after 5-6 weeks.

Such a long-flowering period, after which the bracts gradually turned chocolaty in color and withered gracefully 1-2 weeks later.


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