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Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ with dramatic variegated foliage

Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ (Prayer Plant Vittata, Calathea Vittata)

Isn’t she a beauty? A pretty name for a foliage plant with dramatic variegation!

We chanced upon this lovely plant slightly more than one and a half years ago in April 2014. Simply irresistible and we happily decided without hesitation to add to our garden collection.

It costs us about RM10, rather cheap for this attractively marked plant! It would be excellent to add to our courtyard where mostly foliage plants reside.

We have no regrets whatsoever as it had grown so marvellously with least care and added many new plants that emerged easily from its rhizomatous roots.

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What a wonderful surprise! Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ finally decided to flower to reward us for our tender-loving-care.

We grew this beauty since April, 2014 and it never bloomed.

Appears that we had to wait more than 3 years for it to finally bloom.

Last edit: September 5, 2017