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Caladium ‘White Christmas’ will brighten your garden’s shady areas

Caladium ‘White Christmas’ (Angel-wing White Christmas, Fancy Leaf White Caladium, White Christmas Caladium)

We were captivated with this enchanting caladium that has silvery white leaves and beautiful leaf venation.

It is brilliantly marked with dark green veins on the leaf blades and speckled in green along the margins as well.

We brought a pot of Caladium ‘White Christmas’ home in late 2014 to brighten the darker areas at our front yard garden. And, delighted to say that it is still thriving marvellously till this very day.

Though we’re in tropical Malaysia with everlasting summers, this gorgeous beauty does remind us of the Christmas day snow in temperate regions.

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Last edit: June 16, 2016