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Anthurium andraeanum (Flamingo Flower) in exotic colors

Anthurium andraeanum (Flamingo Flower/Lily, Tail Flower)

A beautiful hybrid of Anthurium andraeanum that has been in our garden since early 2006, presented by a friend.

3 lovely plants in a medium-sized pot that is located at the front yard porch and producing almost continually year round, gorgeous rosy-pink flowers to our greatest delight. Even when not in bloom, their dramatic green and heart-shaped foliage provide added beauty to our tropical garden.

However, over the years they have aged with leggy stems and messy aerial roots. Repotting was necessary and long overdue! Thus, about one and a half months ago, I resolutely trimmed the upper crown and repotted them in a new pot, leaving behind about a foot tall of the leafless basal stems in the old pot to see what will happen. A few weeks later, some new leaves were spotted along the stem nodes. What a pleasant surprise – so many plantlets happily greeted us! This is one easy and surest way to propagate anthuriums, yes? :D

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation :

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More photos of A. andraeanum, grown in our garden and elsewhere:

Unknown Anthurium andraeanum variety
– with reddish pink spathe and pink spadix

Unknown Anthurium andraeanum variety
– with light pink spathe and pink spadix, tipped darker pink

Anthurium ‘Anthaqal’ Fire (is it?)
– with brilliant red spathe and white spadix, tipped yellow

Unidentified Anthurium
– with snowy white spathe and pink spadix

Unidentified Anthurium
– wavy/waxy spathe in vibrant red and slight tinge of green; creamy spadix with yellow tips

Unidentified Anthurium
– wavy/waxy spathe in dark red and green; green spadix

Last edit: June 1, 2016